Box Tech Tips: Adjust Brake Lever Reach

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Box Tech Tips - Brake Lever Reach

We’ve all seen the photos: a lead rider in sharp focus, stylin-it-up, with a little turnbar, and a strategic finger, placed just-right on the brake lever. That brake lever finger MAKES the shot, there’s no denying it.

In this week’s Box Components Tech Tips vid, Tyler Brown shows us the way to dial-in your lever’s reach so it is placed just-right when it’s your turn in the viewfinder; or when you need a little tap to make your move, and a handful of brake is just-too-much. It’s the little things, aferall, that make the big wins possible.

You might be tempted to say “That’s it? A video devoted to tightening a screw?” We have to admit, we said the same thing around the BMX News Global Command Center.

BUT, with this vid, we start to see the true-value of the “Tech Tips” series for BMX News readers–info on the “why” as well as the “how.”

Here’s Box Components BMX Brand Manager, Phil Maxwell, with a little backstory:

Over the years, I have seen many people take this adjustment screw out OR have it tightened all the way down. It’s clear that non-mechanics have no idea what this screw is designed to do. This will explain a little of the mystery (and the function) behind that tiny little screw.

He's Right, You Know

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Box Tech Tips - Brake Lever Reach

Paul Polished E-Brake Lever

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E-Brake Lever by Paul Components
If/when it’s time to grab some brake, you want to know you have all the full-actuation leverage that can possibly be levered. The Paul E-Lever is the short-pull brake lever that does all the pullin to stop that beastly haulin you have going on. And guess what? Even though you have no plans to slow down, let alone stop, a lovable lever is absolutely essential.

All of the Paul product is incredible, and you’ll marvel in the little details packed in to make for more perfect pedal pushin.

You gotta love a product description that tells you the following:

We cannot recommend it for use as the sole method of braking. The E-Lever should only be used in conjunction with other brake mechanisms such as a fixed gear hub or coaster brake. For a similar brake lever with greater leverage, take a look at our Cross Lever

What that means, we think, is that the E-Brake is a one finger design, so it looks awesome, and gives you a healthy assist, but it isn’t a giant banana-sized digit bolted up to your bars. But that’s a good fit for BMX use, since we’re not going bonsai down the side of a mountain, or anything. For the pint-sized pilot, the E-Brake lever is e-ssential.

At $79.95, it qualifies for the 15% off Product Spotlight discount at J&R, so that 80 bucks suddenly turns into about $68. Check the link below for more info, and to order yours today.

Use discount code JRSPOT15 for 15% off your order of $75 or more at checkout


Paul Polished E-Brake Lever on J&R Bicycles

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