Interbike 2013, Day One

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BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One

Story and Photos By Bryce Betts

Day one in Las Vegas is over, and all of the exhibitors seemed to be at ease–secure in the knowledge that all of their hard work has finally accumulated into a great product.

For me, it was awesome just walking around and appreciating the attention-to-detail every company put in to designing their booths. Just from looking at a booth for 5 minutes you can instantly see the image and creative direction they are going for, but you could also spend 30 minutes at any given booth, sopping up the last bit of gravy on all the great new products.

After I received my media credentials I walked into the section “D,” where the BMX companies are hidden between various road and mountain bike companies. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated, I truly felt like a little fish in the ocean. At first I was overwhelmed with the size, and amount of people everywhere and the deafening din of deals being made and pitches being pitched. But I quickly settled in as I started to see familiar faces, then dove in to the pool for my first appointment, with Redline.

Later, wandering through Shimano, it was hard not to notice that their DXR line was a no-show among their line up of great road and MTB product. Seeing this, I knew the rumor-mill would be well-fueled in saying this staple product line could become extinct. The truth of the matter is that DXR is still in the Shimano line, but is not being displayed in the show, and occupies a postage-stamp-size corner of the 2014 catalog.

But, with “large” brands scaling back, or leaving the sport, comes a great chance for BMX brands to fill the void. This seemed like a theme this year, as I heard from multiple exhibitors that certain products in their line that once competed with Sinz product (as one example) is now flying out of the warehouse, and off dealer shelves. Some examples include MCS’s 5-bolt chain rings, and Hyper’s sister company “Snafu” has a new 2 piece alloy crank, that comes in 140-160mm, with a bottom bracket, retailing at $149. (Editor’s Note: We are starting to see more Snafu parts on the Hyper race team’s bikes…stickers on the number plates, etc. so racers…it is “OK” to cross the Race/Freestyle aisle and buy it)

Here are some photos from Interbike 2013 Day One.

BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One
Each year the features in the high end gear seem to trickle down the line and eventually reach the F16 line. This is the best selling uniform in all of BMX, and looks great at that. You can’t beat their low price point of $24.95 for a jersey and $69.99 a fresh set of race leathers. Match that with their default helmet for only $109.99 and you’re bound to be one of the best looking riders on the track for just around $200.

BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One
Fly also had the new XLR8 tire on display from Atisun. Although Atisun isn’t a household name in BMX (yet?) they are a well known brand in the Mountain and Road bike industry. Matt Baisley and FLY have been working hand in hand with them on this new tire, and they came out with something that rolls smooth with that has a long life. These tires come in all of your standard 20″ and 24″ tire sizes, and you’ll have the option of a wire beaded tire at $30, or a folding tire at $40. These tires should be ready to ship from the WPS warehouse by the first of the year.

Vee Rubber at Interbike 2013
In more tire talk, Vee Rubber Co. is already making a name for itself in the sport with their speedster and mk3 tire. The 1.6 speedster tire weighs in at only 12 ounces, we were told that compared some tires on the market this could save a half a pound of rotating weight. They’re coming out with a full array of sizes. The 20 inch widths are already in stock while cruiser sizes are still in the production. Also, be on the look out for limited edition colors to come out in the next two months. At the show they had blue, black, and red walls on display, as well as gum walled tires with blue and red rubber on the top of tires. I was skeptical when I heard this, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked on the dKoi display bike.

BMX News at Interbike 2013, Day One
Phoenix seemed to have bikes with disk brakes all around the arena. Here’s one parked at KOOL-STOP’s booth. The red spikes sticking out of the top of the disk brake on the bike instantly caught my eye as I had to stop to ask what it was. KOOL-STOP rep Anthony Tangalin informed me that those spikes are their new style of disk brake pads that help “kool” the brake pad. This isn’t their disk set up, but they are in the process of creating their own disk set up. I am skeptical of disks catching on in the sport, but I do like how they feel, and the look without brake mounts could be clean. Anthony isn’t sure if it will become mainstream as well, but they are ready if it does happen.

Profile Elite Chainwheel
Profile is sticking with most of their current line line, but they do have one new product on display. Gus said its not officially named, but he calls it “The Elite single gear for the Elite Cranks”. It gets rid of the spider on the crank, and replaces it with the classic chain wheel, on the spline drive. This will be a custom add on to the crank set, and should be ready to check out at the Disney Cup.

DK Bicycles Booth
DK has completely revised their Elite complete bike line, and everyone at DK was really proud to show off the new bike. They corrected the geometry, and outfitted the whole line with BOX components, and even gave the full size bikes even have 20 mill hubs. For only $699 you can get a complete Pro XL that weighs in just over 19lbs by November.

Carbon tube road bike frame
Some of the coolest things for me were seeing the out of sport products. It seems like for every company I knew there were 3 companies that I’ve never heard of, all with products that were interesting to say the least. Interbike truly has something for everyone.

Well, I worked on this way-later than I thought I would, and need to get back to the show in the A.M., so stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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