USA BMX Sooner Nats Day One Gallery

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USA BMX Sooner Nationals Photo Gallery

A great day of racing in Guthrie, Oklahoma today, as Day One of the USA BMX Sooner Nationals took the focus. An even 200 motos, run with high precision, and a track layout that was given the thumbs-up by top stars and novies alike.

Though this year’s installment is not a Pro Series race, we have some names in the house this weekend that will make an awesome AA main in a year or two.

A full race report will be coming your way on Monday, with the Sunday Photo Gallery. But before lights out tonight, we wanted to get you the Saturday photo gallery, which has some awesome shots inside, if we do say so ourselves.

Check Out the Saturday Gallery Now

Don’t forget to check back Monday afternoon for the weekend’s report, and our Sunday Gallery.

USA BMX Kicks Off In Reno

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Matt Pohlkamp of Dan's Comp

Story and Photos by Cole Proctor

The Silver Dollar Nationals have been on the minds of BMXers across the country since the final moto crossed the line at the Grands in November. Riders had 48 days to set their 2012 goals, train up, open Christmas presents, and in many cases, build up a new ride and model their 2012 kit in the mirror a few dozen times.

This installment of the Silver Dollars was an historic event in BMX Racing’s timeline–it was the first time a national was run exclusively under the USA BMX brand name (though the ABA name lives on as a tagline to the USA BMX logo). With the new graphics came a new running order for the day’s racing. Instead of the Novice/Intermediate/Expert order that the ABA had been using since day one, the new running order puts all Novices, then all Intermediates, then all Experts down the starting hill.

The New Year brings new rides, new colors, and new companies. This year some big moves mere made, Sean Gaian and Felicia Stancil both left VSI to peruse opportunities at GT (though Felicia wasn’t in Reno). KJ Romero left J&R for a pro ride from Bill Ryan’s new Anarchy team. National Number One Amateur, Josh Klatman, was picked up by Redline. And both Van Ogles put on Hyper jerseys and said “See-ya” to the Redman Tribe.

The track LAYOUT was sick! The surface had some rough spots, but most of it was at par. “A really fast, fun track!” as one A Pro described it.

This Reno race was missing something, what was it? OH YEAH, the PROS! But A Pro and Vet Pro were still on the schedule, and they came to race. With KJ Romero, Blake Paulson, Jake Peebles, and Pete Pascual, in Saturday’s main, the first USA BMX A Pro main was going to be a white hot lap. “The screamin’ demon” Paulson was out to an early lead with Peebles on his back tire. Rookie, Pascual, came in with a respectable third. As for KJ, he took a soil sample in the first straight and logged a snowman this trip.

As for the amateur mains, the best was the 19-27 experts. The BIG #1 on Klatman’s back could just as well been target to Extreme Team’s Robbie Patterson. Redline’s new heavy hitter, Klatman was out with a big lead down the first and second straights, but Patterson was pulling. Everyone could see it, except Klatman. Patterson was going for the kill in the last turn. And it worked, Josh went up and over the last turn and Patterson was the first one across the line. Saturday was in the books, Sunday was just a few hours away.

Sunday, up and on the track early, for day two. This was the day the Saturday heroes would find out if all the training they had been doing actually paid off, or if day one was just a stroke of good luck. The racing was insane. As we made it through the countless motos and qualifying rounds, Saturdays 16 ex winner Dylan Cooley took a hard crash in the second turn of the semis and was out with a broken Humerus (upper arm).

Main time rolled around, and business hours were in effect–the time to put everything you have into your main event lap. The Pros were locked and loaded in the gate, the cadence starts, the beeps sound and the lights flash, and it’s on.

Elliot McGrath flipped the gate in lane six, jamming up Jeremy Rommel in gate seven–so his race was all but over from the drop.
Over the first Jump Kevin Shankel had a few millimeters on the the rest of the pack, but Blake Paulson was pulling through the middle, and Max Egdorf of the new Answer Rennen team was edging in from a lane eight start. Into the first turn, KJ put some serious body english into his approach, pinching off Shenkel’s line, and coming out with nothing but daylight in the distance. He muscled his new Anarchy ride to a smooth-as-butter lap from that point on, and scored his first A Pro win, with Shenkel in second and Peebles in for the final podium spot. But that wasn’t the end, remember Jeremy? Well, he wasn’t just going roll the lap without frontin a little style for the fans. He threw down a SERIOUS backflip over the finish line jump, and the place went nuts!

On the amateur side, new GT go-getter, Sean Gaian, fished the weekend with a double double in the Jr. Devo and the super-fast 15x class. Crupi’s Justin Anderson was out in a hurry in 16x, and was first at the stripe.

More fun and excitement in the 19-27 expert main. Rematch time, Patterson VS. Klatman. Who’s gonna come out on top? The Redline colors were out to a fast lead, but the orange and black colors of Patterson were right there. Around the first turn and down the second straight, Patterson was catching Klatman, saw his opportunity and took it in the second turn. He once again put the hurt on the champ, and took the overall win.

With 300-motos-plus both days, the weekend was long…but the action made it blaze by quick. Props to the newly turbo-charged Hyper Team, who took home Factory Team honors on Saturday (Intense took home the Sunday factory team win). There is no doubt that the 2012 USA BMX National Series is going to be one for the history books, with big races, and the fastest riders from all parts of the country coming together to mix it up on some amazing tracks. Next stop: Guthrie, OK for the Sooner Nationals…then, on to the first Pro race of the year on the newly-rebuilt Oldsmar track. Stay with BMXNEWS.COM for gate-to-stripe action from all of ‘em!

Check out the Photo Gallery

Mike Carruth contributed to this story

Edit 1/21/12 10:36AM, CST>>> We mistakenly wrote that Hyper won Factory Team both days, when, in fact, Intense won on Sunday.

2012 USA BMX Rulebook Released

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2012 USA BMX Rulebook Download

With perfect timing, the ABA released the brand new 2012 USA BMX and BMX Canada rulebook, 24 hours before the first (Pre-race) gate drops in Reno.

We wanted to get this posted ASAP, so have not had a lot of time to go through it yet…except to say that new rules appear with a grey shaded box.

A sampling:

Page 6: Any current Cruiser rider earning a NAG (#1-10), Redline Cup or ROC plate, with a 20” license, will be classified as NO LESS than an Intermediate rider.

Page 12:
A Pro Class Qualifications
1. A rider must be 17 years old the day of the race.
2. A rider earning $4000 in one season in either A Pro or through the Elite/AA Pro race series will be advanced to AA Pro.

And a full section devoted to the East/West Championships (Page 41).

Download the Rulebook now as a PDF

We’re talking about the USA BMX Rulebook over on Vintage…so come join the discussion.

Rigged for Rad

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USA BMX Big Rig En Route to Reno

Who says spending time on Facebook softens your brain to the consistency of Holiday Inn Express breakfast gravy? News pulled this one of the USA BMX page–a snap of the newly-wrapped big rig on the road to Reno.

Looks like option #1 wins of the eight possible liveries (below) posted earlier in the week (just so happens it was one of the two we picked as our favorites. #7 was our other fave).

2012 USA BMX Rig Liveries

See it live, and in person, at this weekend’s USA BMX Silver Dollar Nationals.

BMX Timeline Updated

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Dalton Conklin wins the final NBL Lap ever

The last time we updated the “History of BMX Timeline” was just before the 2008 Olympics. Wow! A lot has happened in our sport since July 2008…so, at the prompting of a good friend in the industry, we decided to open up the history books and bring the timeline up to date.

The above photo from the 2011 NBL Grands this year is one that would have been deleted straightaway once we got back to the room and started editing out the bloopers. Except this image would prove historic in a small way. It’s a photo of Dalton Scales-Conklin of Kentucky, winning the The 14-15 Open Main Event. “What’s the big deal?” you ask? Well, it also happened to be the final rack of the 2011 NBL Grands, and with it, the final lap of the NBL’s 37-year history.

We added Dalton’s win to the History of BMX Timeline, along with Anne-Caroline Chausson and Maris Strombergs’ wins at the 2008 Olympics. And of course the full tick-tock on the ABA/NBL merger in 2011, and a bunch of other stuff in between.

Download the Timeline as a PDF, and feel free to share it with friends.

—Mike Carruth

USAC Nationals Returning to Chula in 2012

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In a press release issued by USA Cycling today, it was announced that the USAC BMX National Championships will return to Chula Vista in 2012. The event was originally slated for Speedworld in the Phoenix area on March 3 (Reference: UCI 2012 Calendar), but it will now be on April 1 in Chula Vista (no foolin).

Here is an excerpt from the release:

For the second year in a row, the USA Cycling BMX National Championships will be held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. The currently under construction London Olympic-replica Supercross track will host the elite and junior elite races while amateur racing will take place on an adjacent, traditional BMX track. This event is scheduled for April 1, 2012 and is expected to draw approximately 250 competitors.

The UCI calendar page also has the first UCI BMX Supercross World Cup race of calendar 2012 scheduled for March 30 and 31. So, if correct, it’s looking like a megawatt weekend in Chula with the SX on Friday-Saturday, and the National Championships on Sunday.

It is probably a safe bet that the stated ABA National/UCI Continental Series dates on the UCI calendar are fluid…as the posted calendar has the ABA rig in Desoto that weekend for the ABA Supernationals.

As noted in the release, The race is scheduled to be run on the “Chula 2.0″ track, a replica of the London 2012 Olympic venue, as opposed to the “Beijing” replica track (above), which hosted the 2011 National Championships.

Check back with BMXNEWS.COM for more on the 2012 schedules.

Update: gOrk Starts ABA/USA BMX Gig

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gOrk starts at ABA

On May 18, BMX News reported that Craig “gOrk” Barrette, long-time Marketing Manager at Redline, was loading up the truck, and heading South–back to Gilbert, AZ. He had made the trip North 12 years earlier, when he left his post as Editor of ABA’s “BMXer” magazine (née American BMXer, née ABA Action, currently “Pull!”).

Well, all the packing and unpacking has now been done, road photos of the fam on the move, now a matter of record…clocks all set to Mountain time (which, come to think of it, is the same as Seattle until November 6, but it’s a “state of mind” thing).

Tuesday marked gOrk’s first day at USA BMX HQ. When asked what his first order of business would be, he said “getting acquainted with the Macintosh & Canon — and deleting all of the un-needed files Dan left behind for me.”

Look for great things to come out of the office over there. You know how it is when you stand under those mega power line tower–you can hear the buzzzzzz? Well that’s the vibe we’re getting– “electricity!”, though without the same risk of damaging the magnetic polarity of our cells.

Welcome to the Mac brotherhood!

USA BMX Membership: What you need to know.

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Update: June 22– Read through this article and check out some recent changes that have been announced since we posted. Old data gets a strike-thru like this, and is replaced with the new info.

The ABA/NBL Merger is now final-and-official! And with that, will come lots of questions. BMX NEWS will be sitting down with USA BMX CEO BA Anderson for a comprehensive Podcast interview on Tuesday to get a ton of your questions answered. We expect to post the interview sometime Tuesday Friday afternoon (due to power outage cause by the Midwest storms this week), so check back often!

But, as a lead-up to that, News felt it was important to address the speculation on where rider memberships stand, as BMX racing enters its first full week as a sport unified under one “flag.”

USA BMX will issue its first communiqué to the BMX Racing community on Tuesday. BMX News has obtained some advance, official, details as relates to memberships, and how NBL members and ABA members will go about transitioning to the unified system.

We are thinking, specifically about the NBL Nationals in Warsaw, IN and Fresno, CA this weekend, but the same will hold true for any situation locally as well. In ALL below instances, you will pay the entry fee of the day.

Where noted, the “USA BMX” membership is good for access to all tracks in the system, on the bike listed on your card.

Apply the following, as it pertains to your situation:

If you are a paid-in-full NBL member of any category (Local, Challenger or Championship), you will complete a “USA BMX waiver” at signups the first time you race at any track. You will receive a USA BMX membership card, expiring December 31, 2011. This membership is good to race any ABA or NBL track in the system, and will get you Class and Cruiser access.

If you are a current ABA member going to an NBL track or National, you will complete an NBL membership application, without fee, and can race NBL tracks. You will receive a USA BMX membership card for the bike(s) on which you hold a current ABA membership.

If you are a pay-monthly NBL member, you will pay the $45 USA BMX membership fee for the first bike, and $35 for the second, which will be a regular annual membership–giving you access to all ABA and NBL tracks for one year from sign up date (as with any new or renewal member). This was updated, via a release on Wednesday to say “All current NBL license holders, both “paid in full” and “monthly plan” members will receive a USA BMX License that is good until December 31, 2011. Disregard what was said earlier about the monthly members paying for memberships, that is no longer the case.”

If you hold dual licenses, ABA and NBL, you will get a USA BMX license until December 31, 2011 or the expiration date on your ABA card, which ever is longer.

If you are a temp or Strider member, you will pay $25 to upgrade your membership to the full USA BMX membership–giving you access to all ABA and NBL tracks, on one bike, for one year from sign up date (as with any new or renewal member). Updated Info: All valid NBL memberships (annual, monthly, and 30-day) will be converted to USA BMX memberships for both class and cruiser effective immediately. These memberships will be valid through December 31, 2011, and can be facilitated by simply completing the USA BMX membership form.

And, of course, if you are a totally-new member (no active membership, in either sanction), you will pay $45 for the USA BMX membership (for the first bike, $35 for the second, if applicable). This membership is good to race any ABA or NBL track in the system for the bike(s) you choose.

If you are going to any NBL Track or National, you will need to fill out a USA BMX Membership Application (the same form for ABA or NBL members)

Click here to download the form, so you can have it pre-filled when you get to the track.

More to come peoples, so stay tuned!

—Mike Carruth

Moving Day

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Enroute from Rockford to Cape Cod, the ABA Semi rolled into Gahanna, OH today (photo), presumably to load up the remnants of the NBL offices. This, following the recent chatter that the ABA/NBL deal is now complete.

Watch BMX News for a full report on the final details of the merger, as well as an interview with USA BMX CEO, BA Anderson.

Yess Products Says “Yes” to Canadian ABA Series

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Yess Products SPonsors ABA Canada Series

Yess products is a company whose brand may not be familiar to you at first utterance. But, know it or not, you have been familiar with their handiwork for years, as they have been the behind-the-scenes framebuilder for many popular US brands.

Recently, these craftsmen came out from behind the welder’s shield, and decided to put out a BMX product bearing their own brand (above). They are jumping in with both feet, spreading product around…will soon be advertising in all the right places, :) and announced this week that they will be sponsoring the four-race ABA Canadian National Series. The official release is below, but keep your eyes on BMX News in the coming weeks for more in-depth info on the Yess product line, and an interview with the guys behind it all.

First race for the Yess sponsorship is the “Sea to Sky Nationals” in Squamish, BC on June 10 – 12.

Here is the official release:

The American Bicycle Association is happy to announce the addition of Yess Products, as a sponsor of the 2011 ABA Canadian National Series.  “We’re pleased to add Yess Products as a sponsor of the ABA Canadian National Series.,” said John David, COO of the ABA.  “The Canadian National Series has continued to grow and having companies, like Yess Products, that are based in Canada will continue to help the series expand.”

Yess Products is located in Surrey, British Columbia.  Since inception in 1994, Yess Products continues to provide its clients with high end aluminum bicycle frames and parts. Building frames for more than 15 years, Yess Products has relentlessly evolved and matured to what it is today.

“We are excited to be a part of the World’s most popular BMX Sanction and look forward to support the growth of such a positive sport of all ages,” said Renny Husada, Vice president Yess Products.

The Canadian National Series consists of five races, including the Canadian Grand Nationals.  Look for Yess Products at the upcoming Sea to Sky National or any one of the four remaining events.

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