Re-Cap: 2014 USA BMX Super Nationals – Desoto

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Tanner Sebesta wins the USA BMX Super Nationals

Our annual trip to Desoto is often like the every-once-in-a-while meeting with an old friend, who is still crazy after all these years. We always look forward to seeing him, but we know that somewhere in the span of time we spend together, there is going to be some misery mixed in with the fun.

Well, in the case of Desoto, that misery is solely weather related. BMXers just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the Texas temps and precipitous precipitation.

Fortunately, the roof over the track keeps the action running in-the-dry, but it is just no fun trudging back to the grass/mud parking when it’s 45 degrees, with a driving rain in your face.

But, you dry off, you throw away the shoes that got irreversibly muddy, and you vaccuum the rental car out for a #leavenotrace rating in the return lane.

Under the roof, the action was white hot all weekend long, as 221 motos (211 on Sunday) rode it for all it’s worth.

There were lots of surprises in the turns, with wrecks in turn one, swoops in turn two, and a bit of both in turn three–all making for an exciting spectacle for the fans.

Desoto had a big Factory Team presence by Answer Rennen, Haro/Promax, Ssquared Answer and Doublecross (Answer Rennen and Haro/Promax won the Factory team honors on Sat and Sun, respectively). There were also smaller contingents by Factory Phoenix/BOX, Yess BMX and few others. Dale Holmes had his full Chase/Stay Strong posse in the house, with Anthony Dean in Elite, Cristian Becerine in Vet, Bryce Betts in 19-27 and Dale, himself, doubling up in 41-45x.

A few riders popped up on our radar in Desoto that were not previously on our “Top Performer” whiteboard here at BMX News Global Control. You’ll see some of these hombres below (Chase Gunderson and Aiden Otten), but also have to give props to Kialani Hines from Washington State, who doubled in 15-16 Girls, as well as Jason Miller from Colorado, who won 36-40 Expert and Cruiser both days, and is the recipient of our In-N-Out Burger “Double Double” award of the weekend ($20 In-N-Out gift card going out to Jason, ready for his next trip to Texas, Arizona, California or Utah)

We brought back some awesome Photo Galleries from Desoto, so be sure to check those out at the bottom. We pulled out a dozen-plus-two to give you some of the flav from the infield.

Top: Tanner Sebesta had the home crowd roaring, as he took the lead in the Elite Men Main event on Sunday. The volume was at max-plus for this frame, as T-Bone railed the last turn, ahead of Maris Strombergs and six other ragers, on his way to his first top-step Elite finish. On the podium, with everyone shouting about the bling he could buy with the day’s $3500 bounty, Tanner said “nope. . .this is going right in the bank!” Aces, all-around!

Kelly Blankenship at the Super Nationals.

What’s a Texas race without a resident cowboy? Kelly Blankenship, suited up in his pre-race kit, ready to rip it up in 41-45 Inter. Yippee Calle! Kelly Doubled-up in class at the Super Nationals.

Rusty Nesvig doubled at the 2014 USA BMX Super Nationals

The weekend opened up with a rockin showing by Rusty Nesvig in A-Pro. Dude had the 28-rider class solidly-in-hand, with twin-wins in Desoto. Austin Hiatt and Lee Lewis joined @rusty_swag on the podium on day one. On Day two, it was Brandon Elmore and Max Egdorf.

Yess BMX 15x, Alex Tougas

“Oh no,” say the 15x rippers, it’s Yess-mounted Alex Tougas. Alex took home double wins at the Super Nationals. Nick Deters and Dodge Munson went 2-3 on day one. On day two, it was Caleb Wall and Deters over the stripe after AT.

Aiden Otten won Saturday's 7x Main at the 2014 Super Nationals

So close to the win, his tongue’s out to taste it, here’s Aiden Otten in Saturday’s 7x main. Ryder Speagle from the Motor City got the win on day two.

Sam Willoughby at the 2014 USA BMX Super Nationals

Willoughby, through turn two, early on day two. Sam hoisted the big check on Saturday (with Tory Nyhaug and Tanner Sebesta joining in on the podium). . .

Sam Willoughby on

…but a rare and epic wreck in the Sunday quarterfinal kept him out of the main (note the almost-fully-cleared front wheel).

BMX Racers love scooters!

Scooter slam on vendor row. Before the rain drizzled a downer on their Sunday scootering, the pits were buzzin’ with lots of new deck pilots, courtesy of the Inward Scooters booth.

Chase Gunderson from Arizona at the 2014 Super Nationals

Son of a Gunderson! Chase Gunderson and his LDC rig rode the high-line to a double-up 9x showing in the Lone Star State. Oh, and 9-10 Open both days, too!

Madelynn DeSantis at the  USA BMX Desoto Super Nationals

Hot chocolate, NAG jacket, hip hat and some Alias gloves were the recipe to staying warm-yet-cool after an easy first-round transfer on Saturday. Madelynn DeSantis demonstrates the way to chill while being chilled.

Kevin Pauls of Haro / Promax on

Kevin Pauls is lookin tall in the saddle on his Haro-hoss in Saturday’s main (with the W). Sunday was a toss-the-deck-in-the-air kind of trip for the class, as Maynard Peel led the pack out of the second turn, but blew up in the third-straight rhythm. Pauls inherited the lead, with Colin Whittington in pursuit. By the time they came out of the last turn, it was the Ragin Cajun in the lead for Crupi, and on to a day-two win, with Pauls in the two-spot.

Joey The Bomb Berthaiume

Joey the Bomb stayin’ warm & fuzzy on a pre-third-round warm-up through Factory Row on Saturday.

Kenneth Gustafson of Doublecross Bikes Factory Team

As the Sunday main events were winding down, the action was still hot, hot, hot, even as temps outside were plunging. “Kenny G” Gustafson, on the inside, led the whole trip both days, when T-Whit turned the tables in the last turn (times-two) for a very-impressive double-up.

Pizza at the USA BMX Super Nationals BMX Race

With air temps at 45 degrees, and a soaking rain falling, sharing a hot pizza with your boyz is just about the best bro-move you can make.

Our next race will be the USA BMX Dixieland Nationals in Powder Springs, GA on April 26-27. Be sure to follow @bmxnews on Twitter, and @bmxnow on instagram for during-the-race coverage–and, of course, story and photo re-cap after the race.


2014 USA BMX Super Nationals Photo Gallery – Friday

2014 USA BMX Super Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Super Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

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Desoto: Photo Galleries Are Posted

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Sam Willoughby at the 2014 Super Nationals

It was a wild and windy weekend, deep in the heart of Texas, as BMXers from all over the ‘States, Canada, Mexico and the usual crop of permanent-resident, Callin-California-home pros came to Desoto for the USA BMX Super Nationals.

By now, you have probably read our report on Friday’s USA Cycling Collegiate BMX race, with accompanying photo gallery. Well, we also shot practice, and parts of the pre-race that we did not include in the Collegiate coverage, so there is a Friday gallery to give a gander.

Saturday’s racing had some nice surprises within the Amateur classes. We will have a more complete report on that Tueday evening in our full re-cap. Sunday’s pro racing had the big wow factor, as both the Elite men and Women classes went to other than the usual suspects of Sam and Alise (Sam crashed out in the quarters, and Alise washed out a front wheel, leading in the last turn of the main event.

So, that was a first Elite win for both Flyn Felicia Stancil and Tanner Sebesta. Alise and Maris Strombergs got the Answer Holeshot award on Sunday.

Rather than wait til the re-cap was finished, we thought we would post all three galleries today, for your viewing and posting-on-social-media pleasure. All of our galleries offer free mid-res image downloads, so be sure to download the nice, sharp version and not only the thumbnail.


2014 USA BMX Super Nationals Photo Gallery – Friday

2014 USA BMX Super Nationals Photo Gallery – Saturday

2014 USA BMX Super Nationals Photo Gallery – Sunday

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BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp

Posey and Stancil Top Collegiate BMX Podiums

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2014 USA Cycling BMX Collegiate Championship

In the three years since the USA Cycling BMX Collegiate National Championships first met in Chula Vista, the program has come a long way. That first year, there were 21 riders total in the collegiate classes. For the 2014 running, in Desoto, there were semis for both men and women.

The Collegiate BMX program, itself has, naturally, been maturing as well. This year, 11 schools were represented with 19 women and 28 men.

This year’s race format was the best of the three years, in many ways. It was run Friday night, woven into the USA BMX Super Nationals pre-race. That allowed the Collegiate classes to receive a bit more of the spotlight–the only downside being that there were fewer eyes on the racing, since lots of folks don’t attend the pre-race.

Felicia Stancil of Marian University
The womens racing was dominated by Felicia Stancil (above) and Dom Daniels, who aced all three of their motos and their respective semis. Kristen Bob (Marian) was also riding well Friday night, as was Madison Pitts of Lindenwood University–in her final Collegiate Cycling appearance.

In the main event, Dom Daniels (Grand Canyon University) had the inside lane and, though she had a pretty good start, got pushed off the left side of the first jump, so was pretty much out of contention from the get-go. Felicia was in command from there, and took the pack all the way home for her first Collegiate BMX title. Kristen Bob was Second and Madison Pitts was third.

The men’s class had lots of action on the track, with the new crop of USA BMX pros like Justin Posey and Bryce Hocking going up against long-established title holders like Danny Caluag. Posey won the Collegiate title last year in Phoenix, and Danny won it the first year in Chula. Both were in solid contention for a win in Desoto, so it was exciting to see if one of these guys would come out a 2-time Collegiate Champion.

Danny Caluag at the 2014 USA Cycling BMX Collegiate Championships
Danny C has a lot going on in his life right now. About to graduate from Lindsey Wilson College with a Nursing degree, five months away from becoming a new dad, and looking toward racing the 2016 Olympics in Rio for Philippines. He was looking very strong at the Collegiate nats, and we knew the main event would be a great battle between him and JP, who has been training full-time and looks like a Hulkified version of his former mortal/amateur self, both on and off the track.

Also in the mix among the men was Kristaps Vinters for Lindsey Wilson, Jarrod Adcock for Northern Illinois University, the aforementioned Hocking, and Alan Hudson from Mars Hill University. All of these guys won a moto (with Posey and Caluag winning a semi apiece). The infield chatter was that the battle for the third podium spot could be just as rockin as for the top-step.

In the main, Posey had it– pretty much from the bottom of the first straight. He came out of the first turn solidly in the lead, and though Danny got close in the second turn (photo at top), JP was able to hold him off through the last turn, and on to the stripe. As expected, the third podium spot was hotly contested, with Hocking and Vinters finishing so close that we all thought Hocking had it at the line (and tweeted words to that effect). But no… in the video review, it was Vinters who got the call.

The “Team Omnium” honors went to Marian University. Coaches Dean Peterson and Ryan Birk have done a tremendous job of putting together a real “dream team.” Lindsey Wilson was second in the team results. This is the first outing for LWC following the retirement of Coach Dave Grigsby, and its clear the program is in capable hands with new coach, Andrew Parson and his deputy, Charles Mooney. Fort Lewis College was third in the Team Omnium order.

Collegiate BMX Fan
With more and more schools getting in to the Collegiate BMX scene, and more riders moving into the age where a Collegiate BMX career is something they want to pursue, we expect bigger and bigger things from the program in years to come. We would most like to see a Collegiate BMX series (even if it’s a “mini-series”), which would definitely raise the profile beyond this one race a year, and make it more attractive for schools and riders to participate.

We are just getting our Collegiate BMX coverage started, so follow @collegiateBMX on Twitter for occasional updates on happenings inside the Collegiate BMX scene. Also keep an eye on for on-going news from the Collegiate BMX scene.

We will update this story with more from the podium presentations, happening Saturday morning. Meanwhile, check out our Photo Gallery from Friday’s Championship.

BMX News 2104 Race Coverage is sponsored by Dan’s Comp

BMX News Race Coverage is Sponsored by Dan's Comp


2014 USA Cycling BMX Collegiate Championship Photos

Note to the Collegiate Team Managers: The photo gods have told us to deliver a message: next year, how about some uniform colors that do not involve solid black from head to toe?