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BMX Racing News - Things to do in Las Vegas

With a big turnout in Las Vegas this weekend all-but-guaranteed (“400 Club?”), BMXers of all shapes and sizes are heading to that twinkling oasis in the desert. For some, it will be the first time out there. For others, it’s a regular trip, BMX or not.

Knowing that I am a big Las Vegas fan (though, bummed to not be making the race this weekend), a few friends hit me up on Vintage with “what should I do in Vegas aside from the race?” messages. Apart from the on-track fun, there is plenty to do–almost too much to narrow down in a post.

I have my own opinions, most of which involve poolside ordering or poker tournaments. For a more diverse view on “must do” activities, we reached out to Las Vegas BMX legend, Tracer Finn for the 4-1-1 on what to do in the 702.

Here’s what he told us:

For first timers

What are the three things Vegas first timers should do before they leave town?

Flyaway indoor skydiving. This is a huge rush! Check this out. A fun thing and you will dig this adrenalin filled time.

Top of Stratosphere hotel. There is a Bungie-jump up there that will give you bragging rights–if you don’t cry!

Hoover Dam tour. I still tell people about this and they are never disappointed. The enormity and history of the Dam is amazing.

What is one thing they should avoid at all costs?

High class ultra lounges and clubs. They are super expensive and nobody will talk BMX with you. Enjoy your hotel lounge with good friends.

For Seasoned Vegas Visitors

What’s new in town for someone who hasn’t been there in a year?

Wet n wild water park. This will keep you cool.

Give us one “Touristy” thing even vegas regulars will be stoked to see.
The Bellagio conservatory and botanical gardens. After you watch the outdoor fountains, pass the multi-million dollar glass flowers in the lobby and head to the botanical garden. It is beautiful and great for pictures. These three stops are in one place– and free!

For Show-Goers

Las Vegas shows are always awesome, but tell us about the awesomest of the awesome currently playing.

The new Michael Jackson “One” at Mandalay Bay is touted by insiders as the next hit.

Cirque has many deals on shows right now. Make sure you check one out.

I work on Le Reve at the Wynn. This show is visually stunning and we are always keeping it fresh.

Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo is awesome. I just saw this show again last month.This show is hip and contemporary This funny, cool show is a must! All ages will enjoy

What are three tips for a great show experience? (deals, ticket tips, age recommendations, etc)

The only deals right now are for all the Cirque du Soleil shows. They are running a $50 a-seat-plus-fees special on selected shows. This is a steal. If you have not seen a Cirque show, this is the time. That price is a third of the going rate on most shows.

Check your own hotel for show deals. Concierge or your bell desk are usually a great source. They sometimes offer deals for shows.

Unless you go to Absinthe or Zoomanity most shows are 5 years old and up.

Anything else to add, or any links to share?

People watching is the most entertaining thing to do in Vegas.

The South Point is a great place for the races. The movie theaters, bowling and arcades are as good as any in town.

This is a safe place and very convenient for everything. The steak house is awesome and there is a fun Mexican restaurant upstairs. Catch the Spazmatics Saturday night. If you are staying at the South Point enjoy what is there.

Crazy zip-lining down a huge mountain.

Indoor trampolines.

Tell us about what you do in town nowadays?

Tracer Finn on BMX News
After racing BMX and working on my dad’s show (The Mickey Finn Show) I was lucky enough to get into Entertainment Lighting. At the Golden Nugget hotel I worked on star/ headliner shows for 6 years. Working with everyone from Kenny Rogers to Frank Sinatra.

We then built the Siegfried & Roy show at the Mirage. After almost 10 years of that I was lucky enough to build and develop the lighting for “O” at the Bellagio hotel as the assistant Head of Lighting.

In 2000 I was able to get back into BMX in my real dream job as TM for Specialized.

In 2004 it was back to reality, building the $150 million dollar production “Le Reve” at the Wynn hotel. I get to scuba dive and climb 100′ in the air on trussing. Hardly a desk job. Entertainment is pretty exciting and always new technology coming along. I am blessed to have a great career. Like most old BMXers I get to follow racing and check results every Monday. I am impressed with what everyone has done to grow the sport and am humbled by the talent that is out there.

Enjoy Vegas!
Tracer Finn, BMXer for life!

Thanks for all your time putting this together, Tracer. You have definitely helped BMX News readers hit the jackpot on their Las Vegas experience (both figuratively and literally, we hope).

—Mike Carruth

Photo Credits:

Top: Shahar Hart, via Flickr
Bottom: via Tracer Finn’s Facebook

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