Donny Robinson to Run One Apparel in 2013

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Donny Robinson will run One Industries Apparel in 2013

We posted this on Facebook Friday night after we powered-down the BMX News Urban Command Center for the weekend, but with Monday’s sunrise, comes some art to go along with it, so we thought it worthy of a few additional electrons.

Donny Robinson will race the 2013 season in One Industries apparel. In the above photo, we can see the pants and gloves he’ll be rockin. As for the jersey, word is he will replace the one in the photo with a factory jersey that could be similarly flavored, according to top secret sources inside the BMX Industry cabal that dishes out the scoop.

dR is a great ambassador for One Industries to be hitching their BMX wagon to. Frankly, we have to fess-up here and admit we did not even know they made bicycle products. According to the official release, they have had a line of bike apparel since last fall. See…that Donny Robinson endorsement is already having the desired effect on brand awareness! Naturally, we are well-aware of their massive presence in Motocross, so we’re stoked to see them making a play for the pedal sports too.

The One Industries Release said:

“Leading into the launch of our ONE Bike gear and apparel last Fall, one of the products for both MOTO and Bike was our revolutionary new Vapor pant. During the development of this pant I knew one thing for certain…it was PERFECT for BMX racing. With that thought one of the first names that popped into my head was Donny Robinson. I knew he was the right one to bring on as the first BMX athlete for ONE Industries. The match could not be better, and we are proud and honored to have him in the ONE family.” –ONE Marketing Director Greg Lenac

Donny is looking forward to suiting up in ONE’s Vapor line of bike gear, which offers premium, class defining design and weight. As a racer you are always “looking to go lighter”, which increases your performance. Donny believes that the industry leading style and increased performance of ONE Industries will have him standing apart from the rest of the field in 2013.

Incidentally, ONE Industries is no relation to One Bicycles out of Europe. We had heard at one point that One Bicycles was going to be crossing the pond, and making a move into the North American market–so when this news came in, there was a moment when we thought dR was going to be aboard a One Bicycles frame. Not the case.

dR will debut his new ONE Industries threads and, presumably, a new bike, at the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix on March 2. BMX News will be there to bring you the first photos.

Pictured: (links will open in a new window) ONE Industries Vapor Noise Pant ($185), ONE Industries Sector Glove ($36), ONE Industries Vapor Noise Jersey ($60)
*Prices based on those listed on the ONE Industries website.


ONE Industries Bike Apparel

Badd is Good News For Bubba

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BMX News: Bubba Harris signs with Badd & Company

Since taking over Badd & Company in 2011, Kevin and Allison Elo have been making sure-and-steady progress toward bringing the brand to the mainstream masses. The team has grown past the five or six original members, and we’re starting to see their frames in dribs and drabs outside the radius of their home base, outside Chicago.

Breaking Badd onto the national stage is something that will obviously take recognition on a national scale. Accomplishing this is a multi-pronged effort that includes putting riders on the product who will get fans’ attention at the fence line on race day.

A well-known Elite rider could play a hefty part in making that happen. But whom? On December 10, rumors started popping up on Vintage, that Bubba Harris had built up a Badd & Co. frame. The post and accompanying photo touched off speculation that Bubba would be suiting up for them, come March 2, when the 2013 USA BMX Pro season starts up.

This week, News confirmed that last month’s rumor was just a premature fact. Badd & Co has signed Bubba to a three-year deal, where he will be the marquee name on the team, and will help with product development.

On making the investment, Kevin Elo had the following to say about signing Bubba:

We are absolutely thrilled to have Bubba on the Badd & Co Factory Team! As a three-time ABA #1 Pro and UCI World Champion, his ambition and talent level is unparalleled. There is no doubt that he has a tremendous fan base and is an excellent ambassador for the sport of BMX. Bubba is already ripping gates on his new 23″ top-tube Badd & Co. frame, getting ready for the season opener in March. He has particular goals for the next three years, and we will work together to achieve them. Plus, as a Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach, I can help with any residual issues left over from his past injuries. Finally, be on the lookout for some new Badd & Co. product designs, inspired by Bubba.

The rest of the team is stoked to start seeing him in the pit. While Badd & Co has the connotation of being “edgy”, it might be better to think of us as having an edge, with some refinement…a “refined edge,” if you will. Not only does Badd & Co have excellent riders with a lot of heart, but outstanding families as well. Bubba has a wonderful family and will fit in well with this organization.

Bubba added:

I am proud to announce my signing with Badd and Company for the next three years. I can’t wait to show up to an event with my Badd jersey on. I will also be returning as the Supercamp Head Trainer in the West, and with Badd’s help will now be bringing Supercamp to the East as well. 2013 will start a new era in my BMX career, an era I’m confident will be just as successful as any from my past. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. See you in the first turn.

Did you catch that? Bubba will be returning to his role as head trainer for Supercamp in the West. The new Badd & Company partnership will extend to Supercamp, helping to give them a more solid footing in the East. Kevin had the following to say about the Supercamp component of the arrangement:

Badd & Co have joined forces with Supercamp, not only to support the camps that Supercamp has previously offered, but to now expand the reach of the camps East of the Mississippi. There have been many requests by Track Operators to offer this particular camp, with its high level of instruction, back East. With our combined efforts, Supercamps will now be available across the country.

To get that party started, the BMX newlyweds (Bubba & Badd) will be holding their first joint Supercamp session on February 16 and 17, at Steel Wheels BMX in Hobart, IN.

This is a regular stop for Supercamp–and one we have been to before. It is always a popular stop, drawing participation from as far away as Texas, the Carolinas, New Jersey and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Tuition is $125, for two solid days with instructors Bubba Harris and Brandon Brown (Download PDF below for more info).

Congrats to Bubba, Berlin and the Elo crew on getting together. I guess when Jim Riley announces “Baaaad Bubba Harris” on the gate in Phoenix this March, we will have to mentally make that “Badd Bubba Harris.”

We’re diggin’ the new Badd & Co jersey design (top), and may wing-on-over to Steel Wheels for a few snaps at the Supercamp next month. Stay tuned.


Badd & Company Website

Supercamp at Steel Wheels Info (PDF)

Vintage BMX Thread: “Bubba Harris to Badd and Co.”

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Amanda Geving Goes to Yess, Thanks MCS

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Amanda Geving joins Yess BMX Factory Team

We reported last week that Chase Hines signed on with MCS Bicycles. Just after clicking “Publish,” we were left with the question “What about Amanda Geving? Is she staying, or moving-on?” We never got a chance to ask the question, before being laid-out with a 10.0-on-the-richter-scale flu bug that still has us sipping vegan broth and herbal tea.

But the answer came today, when Yess BMX announced that Amanda would be joining their Factory Team for the new season. Here’s what the release said:

YessBMX is pleased to announce the addition of Elite Woman, Amanda Geving to our Factory Team.

Amanda was a top contender in the 2012 USA BMX Pro series, and hit the podium at the UCI Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista, CA (one of only two American Elite Women to podium at a World Cup in 2012).

After an off-season spent resting, studying for her Personal Trainer certification, and setting her goals for 2013, Amanda comes to the Yess BMX Factory team ready to make headlines in another great season of racing.

Here’s what Amanda had to say about her new ride:

“I am super-excited to be riding for the Yess BMX Factory Team. Yess is a great company, continuously growing, and with a sharp product vision. Working with people like Renny and Bill Husada brings a lot of positives, and I think their brand has great potential in the US and around the world. I can’t wait to debut my Yess frame at the Winter Nationals in Phoenix (March 2-3)!”

Of her long history at MCS Bicycles, Amanda said “I want to thank Jeff DeVido and Brian Fell at MCS for all their help and support over the years. I loved riding for them, and I appreciate everything they have done for me.”

On signing Amanda to the team, Yess BMX Vice President, Renny Husada said:

“Amanda is a perfect Brand Ambassador for Yess BMX. She is involved in the SSA series in Florida, as well as the USA BMX national scene. She is down-to-Earth, approachable, respected by the fans, and invests her time in countless clinics and appearances. We are very excited for her to be part of our program, and look forward to a productive 2013 season.”

Watch for Amanda sporting the Black and Yellow Yess BMX colors at all of the USA BMX Pro Series races, and at all of the SSA series races in her native Florida.

We are big AGeving fans here at BMX News HQ, so happy to see she went from one great sponsor to another. How bout that class…giving a shout-out to her former team in the new team release? Well done.

Amanda has her new frame in-hand (above), so we’re wondering if she will be aboard it next weekend, as the SSA series heads to Okeeheelee and West Palm. She got the win at the first stop in Punta Gorda, which was her last race in MCS colors. She will be keeping her personal co-sponsors, which include Troy Lee Designs, Profile, Tangent, Answer BMX, Oakley, Specialized, Rennen Gears, Sun Rims

Keep an eye on BMX News for the first photos of Amanda in her new kit.


Yess BMX Website

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A Throwback and a Go-Back for Upshaw

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Jeff Upshaw Back on Kuwahara

You might think the photo above is a “Throwback Thursday” homage to our friend Jeff Upshaw. Well, it is and it isn’t. It IS a throwback…the photo was taken February 14, 2009 at the NBL Columbus Fairgrounds race. Here we have Uppie leading an Elite Men’s moto, decked in the colors of his new sponsor of the time, Kuwahara. And see…nice transition to the news of the day.

Fast-forward almost four years. Kuwahara made their exit from the US market…then, just last month, announced the brand was coming back to US shores under new ownership, and with a new plan for BMX market superiority.

In the spirit of gettin’ the band back together, Jeff and the Kuwahara USA peeps got to talking, and decided to bring the sizzle back for 2013. Jeff has been spending much of his time with everyday life, selling cars at a Ford dealership in Ohio (quite successfully, we are told). But BMX has never been far off Jeff’s 2-do list, and he gets out to the Dayton Indoor with frequency, to keep his flow flowing and his skills upshizzle-sharp.

No firm plans on which races Jeff will be hitting (as you remember from an earlier BMX News story, he is racing A-Pro at the moment, so lots of options), but we wanted to bring you the news of Jeff’s return to the team. it’s a solid story of good people coming together to make it happen for a long-beloved brand.

We also managed to get the 2013 Kuwahara team roster along with the Upshaw lowdown.

1. Jeff Upshaw – A Pro

2. Sienna Fines – 13 Girls

3. Phillip Keiser – 19-27 Expert

4. Bart McDaniel – 46-50 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

5. Eric “E-Dogg” Schreiber – 41-45 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

6. Alan Porter – 46-50 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

7. Chris Jeffery – 46-50 Cruiser

8. Scott Woodworth – 41-45 Cruiser & 41+ Expert

9. Troy Daniels – 46-50 Cruiser

Plus a few young hotshoes in the works!

We thinks there’s gonna to be a lot of Kuwahara yellow in those 46-50 cruiser main events. Congrats to Jeff and the whole Kuwie crew.

The latest and greatest Kuwahara product will be hitting the shores and the stores in the next month or two, so keep your eyes here on BMX News for the latest. Meanwhile, give their website an eyeball or two.


Kuwahara USA Website