Bryce Betts Joins BMX News On The Track

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Bryce Betts Joins BMX News on the Track

If you’re a regular BMX News reader, you have seen the writing and photos of Bryce Betts within these pages for the past two years. In 2016, Bryce will be taking on a new role with News, and will represent us on the track, as well as behind the keyboard.

For a while now, I have wanted to start running more in-depth product reviews, but never had access to a rider who could put on-the-bike feedback into words we could use in an article. With Bryce being available for 2016, it made complete sense to step up our relationship, and bring BMX News readers a regular stream of rider reviews, in addition to his great contributions to our race coverage, features and other stories.

Since Bryce joined the NewsTeam in 2014, I have come to know him well. He’s a remarkably-talented guy, who has a rare mix of BMXer, designer, entrepreneur, and journalist. He is well-respected in the BMX community, and is tuned in to how to give his sponsors a mega-boost from his involvement. I am honored to have him as a bigger part of our organization.

Here’s what Bryce had to say about the new arrangement:

I’m really excited for the 2016 season, and the opportunity to put together my own program. As I’ve slowly taken a bigger role at BMX News over the past few years, it only made sense for me to go “all in,” and represent the site both online, and now on the track. With the extra support from Elegant Image Limousine based in Morro Bay, California I feel like I’m in a great position to perform in the USA BMX National series, USA BMX Supercross races (in the SuperX Open Class), as well as the World Championships in Colombia.

I look forward to not only growing as a racer this year, but also working hard on growing the website, as well as my personal company, Bryce Betts Designs. See you in Phoenix!

See what I mean?

As committed as he is to his design business, writing for us, and school, he is equally-if-not-more committed to his riding and training. He broke away from the infield in Vegas to go do his scheduled off-season sprints, and hit the gym, before coming back to shoot semis and mains with me. He got some killer shots, too!

As Bryce said, he will debut his BMX News ride at the 2016 USA BMX Winter Nationals in Phoenix next month, and we are currently lining-up the first series of rider-review articles, the first of which will be published around the time of the race.

Meanwhile, Bryce put together a Video Blog (VLOG) post on his recent trip to Las Vegas, which has some “behind the music” scenes on the main shot above.

It’s going to be a great year. I’m super-stoked to have Bryce on board in his new role, and equally-stoked about all the great contributions he will make for BMX News readers, like you.

—Mike Carruth


Bryce Betts on Twitter


BMX News Promax Top Story, Presented by Promax Components

Caroline Buchanan Running BOX Components in 013

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BMX Racing News - Caroline Buchanan will run Box Components in 2013

In business, when strategic partnerships work, it gets to a point that it is tough to imagine things any other way. Try walking in to a McDonald’s and ordering a Pepsi–it would just seem wrong.

BOX Components and DK have been moving toward that level since they announced their strategic partnership last year. They recently re-upped the deal for another year, and things are going swimmingly for all concerned.

So, last week, when we learned that Caroline Buchanan–who will debut her new DK kit in Phoenix next week–had signed on with BOX Components as one of her personal co-sponsors, it just seemed to say “Peanut Butter loves Jelly,” a perfect match.

Between BOX and Promax, team Toby has Caroline fully-outfitted——a gruppo-moto, if you will. Here’s what she’ll be running:

• BOX X-Series carbon forks
• BOX Delta stems
• BOX Maximus handlebars
• BOX Focus rims
• BOX Hollow 20-mil hubs
• BOX Genius brake levers
• BOX Eclipse brakes with BOX X-Ray brake shoes
• BOX Concentric cables
• BOX Vector crankset
• BOX Echelon and Shift saddles
• BOX Helix seatclamps
• BOX Phase 1 number plates
• Promax IG-45 headsets
• Promax SL-1 stem locks

Guess she’s on her own for valve caps.

Oh, wait…

BOX Components valve caps

And, DK is building her a custom frame with the new-fangled BB30/PF30 bottom bracket. This, so she can run the new BOX “Vertex” crankset (profiled in our Interbike 2012 coverage). The Vertex only works with a frame using the BB30/PF30 bottom bracket shell. The BB set features 35mm external bearings.

We’re stoked to see Caro in Phoenix next week, and will keep you posted on the ever-evolving constellation of stars running the BOX components line.

Plus, just caught this one on YouTube…she is hand-in-glove with FIST Handwear. Check the vid:


BOX Components Website

Promax on Facebook

DK Bicycles

Danny Caluag Joins Kuwahara

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BMX NEWS - Danny Caluag on Kuwahara

As the calendar creeps ever-closer to March 2, the season opener for Professional BMX Racing in North America, so, too, is the news flow picking up. Today, some news from the Great Northwest.

Scott over at Kuwahara sent over the above photo of Danny Caluag reppin the Yellow, Black & White, with a new “Lachesis” frame built up.

Alexis Vergara signs with Kuwahara
Also added to the expanding roster is Alexis Vergara, mixing’ it up with the Vet Pros.

The team will be in full effect in Phoenix, so watch for more on Kuwahara rider pickups, product availability, and some first impressions from Danny on the new mount.


Kuwahara USA Website

Strombergs Signs with BRG’s Elevn

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Maris Strombergs Signs with BRG's Elevn Racing

This was one of the stories that was on our “run sheet” for the week after Reno. That week, and the two weeks since, were abruptly interrupted by a bout of the flu that is only now starting to loosen its grip on the BMX News control center staff.

Christophe Leveque’s BMX Racing Group signed Maris Strombergs to run several products in the Elevn product line for 2013.

The official release told it like this:

Elevn Racing and the BMX Racing Group are proud to announce the signing of a sponsorship agreement with two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs to use an assortment of products offered from Elevn racing. Maris will be using Elevn Handlebars, Stems, Chainrings, Bottom Brackets and Headsets. He will also be running some items from the BRG family of brands, such as Kingstar Chain Tensioners and Insight Number Plates.

Maris noted: “I am very excited to be a part of the Elevn BMX program for 2013 and beyond. Elevn is a new brand in the BMX industry, but they produce some incredible parts and already have a very good image as one of the top component brands. I am looking forward working with BRG, and running their parts on my 2013 Free Agent bike.”

Christophe Leveque added, “I am really excited to work with such a successful BMX racer as Maris. Not only is he talented on the track, but he is a down-to-earth person that has time for everyone. He is a great ambassador for the BRG brands, and BMX in General.”

Marketing ace, Pete Dylewski said: “Maris is one of the best ever on the BMX racing scene and we are all excited to have him on the products.”

Word on the street is that neither Maris, nor the other Free Agent Team Members have signed a 2013 deal yet, so we are anxious to see how that nets out. Only 24 days til the gate drops on the 2013 USA BMX Pro season.

On the above, congrats to Maris and BRG for getting together.


BMX Racing Group Website

Elevn Racing Website

Free Agent BMX Website


Chase Hines Signs with MCS

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BMX Racing News - Chase Hines signs with MCS Bicycles

Just getting un-packed here in Reno, have a few browser window windows open to check the forums, real-world news headlines, twitter and email…then, it all tunnels in, around some sponsor news…Chase Hines, long of SE Racing, just announced a new ride with MCS Bicycles.

No official release or communique from HQ, but Team Manager Brian Fell commented on the thread, with stoke, so it’s for real.Former TM, Todd Lyons, kept it classy, wishing Chase the best with his new sponsor.

The move seems to include former SE Factory Boy, Tyler Wagner, as well.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments, and when his new HT20XL is together and ready for the camera.


MCS Bicycles Website

Time 2 Shine Re-Caps 2012 and Talks 2013

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Time 2 Shine BMX Talks 2013 on

Matt and Sabrina McEvoy have done a great job bringing Time 2 Shine from industry up-and-comer, to firmly-rooted online dialin’-in center in the span of about 10 months. Their team has been at the front of the pack, they always have some awesome deals up on the web site, and are sprinting in to 2013 with some serious new moves to take it to the next level.

Matt sent us the following re-cap of their 2012 season, and also kicked-down the details on what the 2013 program looks like.

With 2012 officially in the books, Time 2 Shine’s first full complete season as a race team was a very memorable one. The T2S team won the Virginia State Series, had several Top 3 Redline Cup Riders, and also the following riders earning NAG Plates this year:

Mika McEvoy – NAG 4 in 7 Girls
Jamie McHenry – NAG 7 in 10 Girls
Jamie McHenry – NAG 2 in 10 Under Cruiser Girls
Niles Austin – NAG 3 in 21-25 Cruiser

Notable Mentions:
Niles Austin – NAG 11 in 19-27 Expert
Ashton Raum – NAG 19 in 17-27 Girls

We have seen great progress in our roster, and our grassroots program. We are excited to continue to help develop our riders to get to the next level in the sport.

Shining Brighter in 2013

The new year brings some new and exciting opportunities for Time 2 Shine. Our website (link below) is booming, and has become a leading online BMX Mail Order Site, with over $1m in stocked inventory, and industry-leading customer service!

The RollOutCalc mobile app, which T2S and Niles Austin partnered on last year is gaining momentum on the iTunes & Android Marketplace, and brings a much-needed convenience for riders who need to calculate the rollout of the gearing on their bike. will be vending at the Stars N’ Stripes Nationals at South Park BMX, and at the Empire State Nationals in Kingston, NY.

We are happy to announce some exciting co-sponsorships that will get going in 2013. George Costa’s Answer/Rennen Factory Team, Jim Buchanan’s Factory SSquared / Answer / TLD team, and Shawn Pischke’s SpeedTech / SSquared Bike Shop Team. Also, Brian Nygard’s “The Nationals” BMX Race Team, which features a few hundred riders across the US.

Time 2 Shine’s own team roster has some edits as well. Jamie McHenry & Niles Austin will be heading over to the Answer/Rennen Factory Roster. It truly has been a pleasure working with these two riders, and we are excited to see them grow in the sport of BMX.

We would like to welcome the addition of Bryce Easter – 11x who previously raced for Factory Doublecross, Nate Cremeen – 13x who previously raced for Deluxx Bikes, and Caleb Horton – 10X who previously raced for Werkz Racing. Time 2 Shine will be welcoming back Mika McEvoy – 7 Girls (NAG 4), Ashton Raum – 17-20 Girls, Chris McHenry – 9x, Max Philion – 7x, and Cody Lynn – 16x.

Time 2 Shine has added sponsorships from SSquared Bicycles, Rennen Design Group, SIDI America, NEMA Cycling, and Answer BMX to support our race team for the 2013 season.

None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our riders and their parents! We would like to thank everyone involved for a wonderful and memorable 2012 Season.

2013 Time 2 Shine BMX Co-Sponsors:
Rennen Design Group, Ssquared Bicycles, Answer BMX, Nema Cycling, Sidi America

*note: links placed by BMX News to highlight companies who are also BMX News advertisers).

Their team kit looks tight (in a good way), and will look awesome in our viewfinder, come Lousiville next month.


Speedco Top Story, Presented by Speedco Bicycles

Carlie Ferree Launches Personal Site

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Carlie Ferree Launches Website,

With the season opener in Reno coming up this week, our attention turns to rider and sponsor news as a kick off to the 2013 dash.

Tomorrow, we will be running a “Speedco Top Story” on how you, as a rider or team, can boost your media profile in the new year. We will hear from a few household-name media types talking about the mistakes riders and teams make, and what they can do about it to get more press.

High on our “Do” list, as far as Do’s/Don’ts of being a great brand ambassador is when riders take the initiative to promote themselves and their sponsors when they are off the bike. Creating their own online presence is a great first step.

Carlie Ferree recently signed-on with Donavon Long’s Haro/Promax team, and is starting out 013 with a new website to go along with the new sponsor. She is using her own domain name (, link below), which is at the top of every self-marketing “best practices” list.

Fans get a full, part-by-part showing of her new Haro race bike, links to all her sponsors in the “sponsors” area, and video clips from recent races.

So many people (and quite a few companies) rely solely on Facebook for their fan communication these days. An all-Facebook-all-the-time approach is a marketing strategy fail waiting to happen. Facebook owns your content, and can show it to people, or not, making you pay to show it to your own fans (because, in fact, they are not YOUR fans…they’re Facebook’s users). And your Search Engine visibility is iffy, at best.

Using your own dot-com presence, as Carlie is doing ensures that everyone who comes to the site sees what you want them to see, every time. Carlie is already ranking #1 in Google for her own name which, again, puts down some solid foundational footings for her future as a sponsored athlete.

It’s refreshing to see the kind of effort Carlie put in to the content of site–moreso when you consider she is 16 years old. Some serious media savvy showing up in her game.

Give the site a look, and use the links on the “Contact” page to follow her on Facebook and Twitter (see how that works?!).

Props to Carlie for a job well done, and thanks for including the BMX News photos and logo on the site!


Carlie Ferree Website –

Meanwhile, if you’re stoked, and want to get your own domain name, here is a link to our preferred Domain Registrar– Link is good for a $2.95 .com registration (normally $15).

Rethink! $2.95 .Com Domains available now!

Tyler Brown Goes to GT for 2013

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Tyler Brown Signs with GT Bicycles for 2013

The ground monitors in the BMX News Control Center sounded off around 11:20AM Pacific Time. It was breaking news about Tyler Brown bolting his 316 plate to a new GT ride.

The Elite off-season has most of the normal instruments of breaking news detection down for routine service, but this was picked up on the Facebook sideband.

Tyler posted the following in this “teaser” post, out prior to the official word:

BIG NEWS to announce! I am excited to say that I will be riding/working for GT bicycles for the 2013 season and beyond. This is a great opportunity for me to continue racing and also work for future goals beyond just the bike!

I want to take a quick minute to thank all of my last years sponsors and supporters. First of all Crupi, they have been behind me for the last 4 years now and it has been great riding for them. I have really enjoyed the product, the team and everything that came with it! Fly Racing for the awesome gear and taking care of me for longer then I can remember. Last but not least Sinz for the support over the years as well. Of course I will be keeping Tioga, and all of my other personal co-sponsors!

Working with GT has always been a dream for me. Growing up it was the team I always looked up to. Now riding for them and working with the team is a dream come true. This will allow me to put my racing and promotion passions all into one amazing opportunity.

Tyler will be taking over the road rig and related duties handled for the past several years by Big Daddy Eric Rupe. Tyler said:

I will be racing the full Elite series, as well as taking the truck/trailer to select races and working with the team. It is a great chance for me to continue on my current goals of racing, but also work towards my future goals in a sport and a brand that I love!

No word as of this writing what Big Daddy’s role will be going forward, or if he will be sticking close to home for a while.

And what about things between Tyler and Crupi? Well they could not be better. It’s obvious, by some of the posts we’ve seen, that all parties are genuinely cool with each other, and both feel that the other is “part of the family, no matter what jersey is on Tyler’s back.” That is the mark of doing it “pro.”

Still, it’s going to be strange seeing Tyler in different colors. It’s like “What would happen if Batman and Superman switched kits?”

We were just prepping a Quick Hit on Tyler’s big moves out a Chula Vista BMX, where he gave away 80 bikes to kids. It’s covered in the new TylerVision, so check it out over there —>

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Photo: Tyler Brown, via Facebook

Tyler Schaefer Going Pro in 2013

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BMX Racing News - Tyler Schaefer turning pro in 2013

Jumping around Facebook this morning, we spied a post from Tyler Schaefer giving the fans a peek into her plans for the new year. Here’s what she said:

Next week is the first race of the year in Reno and my last national as an amatuer. You guys are officially looking at a pro! My first pro race will be in pheonix. So stoked!

The 19-year old will stick with Donavon Long’s team this year, rockin the Haro/Promax colors, with megawatt teammates like Hunter Pelham and Walker Finch.

We look forward to seeing her gate up with the top class at the USA BMX Winter Nationals on March 2, and wish her big success in the pro ranks.

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Photo via Tyler’s Facebook page. Photographer unknown.

Steve Smith Says “Time to motoUp!”

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Ohio Cruiser star, Steve Smith signs on with motoUp Clothing

Steve Smith is a member of what I like to call “The Ohio Good Guys.” They’re not all on the same team, but just a solid group of guys from “the Buckeye” (as Roger Plaskett would call it). Steve lost his ride when JW BMX went under last year, and we definitely thought “good dude… deserves a good team.”

Well here we are, about to nail up a new calendar to the big timbers in the BMX News global HQ, and looks like Steve is getting some new threads to rock in 2013.

motoUp is a clothing company out of his native Ohio that started up a few months back. Their site is live, complete with a first collection of tees, hoodies, hats and a “motoUp Edition” Crit Plate.

We boosted the above photo off Steve’s Facebook page (shot at the Dayton Indoor, we’re guessin’), and we are DIGGIN the look of the motoUp race kit. He kind of reminds us of Robbie Miranda in that thing, with the DK (team sponsor) on it and all. Tee-rick!

As the name implies, motoUp is designed for both the MX and BMX markets, and we can already tell it’s going to be a lucky 013 for head motoMan, Chris Morgan. On the Steve sponsorship story, Chris said:

“I have been fortunate to have known Steve personally for many years, and he is a class act on and off the track.”

The team (which is just Steve at the moment) already has the hookup from DK, as we noted above…and Toby Henderson has come to the party with Box Components and Promax support (as well as a motoUp homepage modeling gig in one of their “Dirt Warrior” tees).

Keep your eyes out for Steve in his flash Fly kit, and give the site a peep while we got you here (link below).

-Mike Carruth


motoUp Clothing Website

BMX News advertisers mentioned in this story:

Box Components Website

DK Bicycles Website

Promax Website