Vote For Your Favorite SX Rider of 2010

September 27, 2010 by · Comments Off 


Whether you are making the hop over to Frejus, or just want your voice to be heard over there, definitely use the link below to vote for your UCI BMX Supercross Rider of the Year.


So, who’s it going to be? Are you voting along team lines, and going for a Sam/Alise ticket? Or are you doing a “dominator” ballot, with Maris and Laetitia, or are you more of an underdog cat, and voting for Sifiso and Caroline? We’ll find out on October 9, as the awards are handed out by UCI BMX honcho, Johan Lindstrom and his posse.

There are also categories for:
“Best Crash of the Year”
Best Pass Of the Year
Coach Of The Year
Style Award
Rookie Of The Year

…but those categories are decided by jury. This is the first time the Rider of the Year award is opened up to public vote, so get on over there and let your voice be heard.

We’re talking about the choices over on Vintage. Come join the discussion.