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#10591 So..... No discussion on the easterlings new rules?

Posted by schmick on 24 August 2010 - 10:45 PM

I've been trying to change that at my track. I've been running a Pro race every weekend that I can get someone to announce for me. Sure it's mostly so I can race, but it's getting 5 more people on the track that wouldn't normally be able to race at a local and would bolt after practice. Right now it's just been for fun and bragging rights, but if we can get some area Pros to make the trip we could always start adding in money.

There was a bunch of Texans out at our local track this last weekend. Bright colored bikes, Standard frames.... they stuck out. I over heard one of them say how cool it was to get to go to a local track and ride with Maris Strombergs who on top of being the fastest rider in the world is just a cool dude. I heard another one of them say, "where is everyone going?", when the sheets hit the board and just about every rider who had already hit puberty left.
Welcome to Southern California BMX, a region blessed with many of the fastest riders in the world but what some would call "cursed" with the "dont race locals" attitude.
It's not as simple as the pros dont have a class so the older ams leave too, the issue is several layers deep. The pros leaving has a big part to do with it but there is much more to it.
These riders pick and choose what series they are taking part in, once they decide that they are "national" riders, whether theyre in the top 10 in their age group or not, that's the series they want to participate in. You cant really blame them, my son goes to a national and he is going to have 25-40 fifteen year old experts to race against every single time, at the local on Friday night, there was just him and 1 fourteen year old expert, one of the track operators kids is his age and an expert but if he isnt going to race how can anyone else be expected to?
That brings up, nobody to race. Originally I heard this from the parents of the girl riders, there are no other girls their age to race and the intermediate boys would rather crash the girls than lose to them. Thats the case with the expert classes a lot too. My son generally never has a class, when he has raced he was combined with other classes, older riders and they dont want to lose so they will try to crash. Earlier this year he raced a cruiser race locally, he blew everyone away in the first round so in the main he let everyone go before he started pedalling, instead of getting passed a guy in his late 20's tried to run my kid off the track. Theres nothing to gain by racing locals if youre trying to train for larger races.
District plates are a joke. A number 1 plate should mean just that, you are the best racer. NOT that you raced the most. In an uncapped system like the dirstict points system anyone can go be #1 if all they do is race more than the other riders. Ask anyone with a #1 district plate if they think that means theyre the fastest rider in their district. district plates are "little league/ayso/booster parent" of BMX racing, theyre not a reflection of the rider running the plates skills but a reflection of the dedication that riders parents put in to chasing those points. It is a great system for those who dont want to chase the National series around, if youre a new parent/rider or if you are a local track operator.

If I was a track operator though, I dont know how I would counteract what I have dubbed "Orange Whytis" (the act of amateurs just using the local track for practice). I think what I would do is break the year up in to different seasons which would allow people to participate in something else other than riding their bikes.
Id split the year in to 4 quarters, the 2 to 3 weeks before each season I would have seriously dedicated new rider drives with fliers handed out at all the schools and youth organizations in town, ads in the local news papers and banners up around town bringing people to the track on certain days for sign ups. The thought process behind certain Open House sign up dates is to create an urgency instead of a "we can sign up whenever" which is obviously still going to be permitted outside this 2-3 week member drive.
At the Open House signups I would have people there to explain the ABA membership, everyone who showed up would be given a one day free pass for that date and they would be loaned bikes and gear while experienced experts and pros would be on hand, off their bikes at first, to show all the new people how to safely ride the track, the gate wont even come up or drop at this point, just new people riding bikes on the track. During the Open House there will be someone in registration to sign up those who decide to sign up and to tell them about the "Schmick Academy." At the end of the Open House the experts, girls and pros on hand will give an exhibition with the gate.
The "Schmick Academy" will be 2 nights a week, 3 hours a night for 2 weeks and it will go over everything they will need to know about BMX. The riders will be taught by the local experts and pros, in small groups, all the basics from how the gate works, how to safely get in to the gate, how to line up on the wood and get around the track. Their parents will also be taught by me or other experienced parents about how everything works from reading the moto boards, staging their riders, figuring out total point races to basic bike maintenance to what is legal and illegal on bikes and most importantly, how to love their kids up no matter what place they get when they come off the track. Explain to them how difficult racing is and even allow them to ride loaner bikes down just a straight away or two so they can gain a respect for what their kids are trying to do.
At the end of the Academy I will have a Graduation night where all the riders will be given a track jersey (different each season), sticker pack and some schwag from the local bike shops that will have been a part of the academy as all the riders in the academy will be directed towards those shops to get bikes if they havent bought bikes already. There will be mock races that night with all the new riders getting to test their wares and what they have learned out on the track. Now while the riders would have been welcome to race the local races during their time in the academy, they will be reccomended to wait til their graduation before jumping in. This will allow the new riders and their parents to bind, become a sort of tight knit group that will support each other and each others kids, a sort of quasi team or club.
The Academy also allows me as the local TO to indoctrinate these blank slates, explain to them that there are other tracks and higher level of series, encourage them to ride those other tracks as well and point out the difference in service between mine and the others while explaining how important it is to sign up with me and refer to my track as their "home track." They will be taught about the different levels of racing and different series and their plates. But they will know that my track is always going to be their home base whether they went on to race nationall, internationally or just stayed and raced at my track. The experts, girls and pros that had helped out with the Academy will be rewarded by me for their help as well as having a new rabid support/fan group of people who they helped spread their love of BMX to. Think the "Haul A$$" shirts but for each pro, girl or expert that helped out with proceeds from the shirt sales going to those riders and then looking out at a national and seeing sections of people wearing shirts with your name on them.

I know, it's a lot to read and what the hell do I know anyways, just a self appointed internet blowhard with an opinion on everything but I think it will work, just need to put it in place and see how many favors I can call in.
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#5916 Interesting threads that keep us wanting more

Posted by Bshaw on 10 February 2010 - 10:18 PM

I like the traffic, no doubt. I would like nothing more than to see the forums over here light up once again, as it is a good community.

But I cringe everytime I come on this thread. It is spinning over on itself now. Everything that needed to be said on this matter has been said by the principals, with ample time for the community to weigh in with their views of the situation.

It is important for people to understand that I am the moderator of this community, not the editor. I am the editor of the front page news, and if I see a topic that warrants a closer editorial look, I will contact the necessary parties and write about it on page one.

But unless a thread strays outside the lines of our Terms of Service, or limited "moderator-red-flag" criteria, I do not like to interfere in the topics created on the forums, or what is said by others in its posts.

Now if we can get the gapers who have come to this thread to each start a thread that has some real value to the community, and not the kind of stuff we have presented herein, then I'll be very happy—for all of us.



Mike ,
I know this sounds odd to say but i Feel as though your forums need alittle healthy balance of both positive BMX talk and some reality BMX lifestyle which might seem negative such as Team jumping or I was ripped off etc. Im sorry but most of the other stuff is just so boring usually. Team jumping etc. is reality and get diverse views as to how others would had done things different. It allows people to show there true colors in there responses . I believe you can learn alot about people by things they say and how they react especially when the write them. That creates pesonalities and that = intrest.
Although i dont like it when people are always negative ,incidents that deal with real happenings keep things alive. So live on BMX news forums .
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#23740 Tommydone over on the Vådge

Posted by SnapManual on 20 June 2013 - 02:20 PM

topic tanget. one, anytime your write, "been around longer than a few," it's an immediate discredit on your info. two, i've seen so many times these boards flip to hate on schmick. the same people who say unfair, usually throw the biggest stones. before you cry about people being bashed, re read your post so you dont look like a hypocrite knob. three, schmick, pour me a damn drink. seems like you woke up these gumps who keep the sport stuck in the stone age. self centered, my opinion is THE opinion, I'll kick your a**, dont be so tough behind the keyboard, ban him this week, ban them next week. harden up you hypocritical "educated" types that think bmx message boards will somehow save the glory you once tasted. racing is dead, move your kid out of inter. lets ride bikes. id rather be a friend to someone who kept it real and talked a consistent shi+, than a friend to someone who pretended to be the homie until your back was turned like so many in bmx will always be. FOSa nostra...juice in, juice out
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#17036 Hitler Freaks Out About the NBL's Troubles

Posted by 4evabbmx on 14 May 2011 - 06:33 PM

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#7755 USAC Funding

Posted by schmick on 11 April 2010 - 10:18 PM

Perusing the purple place I saw the list for the USAC funding for the Denmark SX race. There are 4 male riders and 5 female riders being funded in spite of the fact that there are twice as many spots available for male riders at the Denmark SX as there are spots for female riders. Males are getting 80% of the funding even though they have 200% of the starting positions available to them.. In 1972 Patsy Mink pushed through congress something called Title ix, or the equal opportunities based on gender act. what Title ix states is that any institution that receives any federal financial support must give support and funding based on the gender ratio of those within that institution. What it has done is eliminate many male sports at many Universities because female students make up greater than 50% of the student body but there is no female sport that has the amount of participants or the amount of interest as football does. In the 38 years since 1972 there have been 950 males who have lost a scholarship to play football at each of the 150+ division 1 colleges that had to drop football, many other mens sports, wrestling, baseball, swimming, diving, gymnastics, water polo.... have had to be eliminated from many schools also to comply with title ix laws. Fast forward to 2010 and the USAC funding list with USAC funding more female riders than males to go to an event where the male participation is twice as high as the females participation, a direct violation of title ix rules on gender equality. If they're going to fund 5 females they need to fund 10 males in order to comply with title ix laws and that's just based on the UCI SX series. If they want to base the participation ratio off of the USAC race in Desoto, TX last month, which is a greater barometer of USACs true participation, then they would have a 4:1 male to female ratio meaning that if they're going to fund 5 females, they will need to send 20 males in order to comply with title ix laws. If Im a male racer in the USA and sitting in spots 5-20 in the nation seeing that Im not getting the funding I'm due based on the participation ratio of males to females in USAC BMX events, Im looking to my congressman to make things fair and equal and if that doesn't work, my lawyer. Come on USAC, do the right thing, if 4 times as many males are participating in USAC events compared to females, you have to provide 4 times the opportunity to male racers as you do female racers. Not just in funding for UCI SX races but for the entire USAC, USOTC/JDP program. If 2 times as many males participate in the Junior development program as females, then there should be 2 times as many spots open at the junior development camps for boys as there is for girls. If the ratio is greater than 2:1, so to should the ratio of spots open at the camp be.
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#23745 Tommydone over on the Vådge

Posted by SnapManual on 21 June 2013 - 12:10 PM

valid question and the delivery is classic. 4 years as inter is full blown helmet wearing short bus riding mentality...nationally and locally in any sport. "yup, little joey wasn't hittin well last year, or shi+, the past 3 years really. so we kept him in tee ball where he could get some more feel for it." :rolleyes: even bobby barnes raced A pro for a few years. much respect, dude is a legend. but if you're chasing that only ever national win that you yourself never got BITD, inter is the pinnacle. timmy
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#20311 My 10 year old used to read this site

Posted by Godfather on 06 December 2011 - 08:00 AM

Again as an adult I am offended and disgusted. Does it make you feel good about yourself to make comments like that? Did daddy touch you on you %^#$ when you were a little boy and thats why you can't even see that normal people don't talk like that? Are you still mad? Or are you mad because you liked how it fealt? Like I have asked OVER and OVER do you think the parents, kids, coaches, sponsors of your little clinic would condone what you said? By the way everyone else on here is pretty normal. You are the fly in the ointment. As someone that loves this sport you are an embarrassment. You have to have your little last word on every little post on here. Move on. You aren't funny, just ignorant. And again I said my son reads this site because Rustys dad occasionally posts, didnt know there was an idiot like you on here. Now I do.

We have kown Schmick for a few years now and he has become a good family friend,it might be a good idea if you ask around about him before you so quickly write him off as a bad guy I have seen him loan bikes to new riders and go completely out of his way to help people he hardly knows he also was a great help to my wife when she was doing the benefits for Erin Schaefer, he made sure his son and just about anybody who wanted one hade a special Erin Schaefer number plate for their bike
not to mention his BMX training camps thet he makes NO money on,all the money from thesae camps goes to the trainers refreshments and the track operator.
while my good friend may have quick wit and sense of humor he also has a heart of gold and anybody that knows him will agree on this so really ease up a little and enjoy the comody that is my good friend Schmick. ;)

Rusty's Dad
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#17691 Is the news dead?

Posted by hank on 02 June 2011 - 03:22 PM

Is News dead? I ask myself that all the time & the answer is I can't find a true definition od "dead" that compliments this little community. In order for something to be dead it has to once had an existence & then said existence has to cease & desist. I remember when Schneider threatened on killing News for goo. EVERYBODY came out of the woodwork to chime in on how it shouldn't go away. Yeah, there's been a bunch of issues that have been questionable (2 guy BMX racers & 1 girl racer BMX plus a little bit of booze in Reno, NV back in 2008, the 5 guy BMX racers & a girl archer @ OTC scandal in 2010), have gone on for WAY too long (ABA vs. NBL & on & on & on) & some pretty funny shenanigans (The Ronny Rogers custom paint job on the Formula trailer & banners @ the 2008 ABA Grands, long live The Krylon King!) as well as a ton of other crapola that would make a sane person go "HUH? WHAT?! NO WAY!" I'm what schmick calls a "sunshine pumper" in the sense that I try to find the good side of things. Can't help it, that's my nature due to excessive amounts of seratonin in my blood (actual fact, been tested). Even @ the lowest moments in the history of News I always felt compelled to thank everyone on here for just that: Being on here & making it fun. There's only 1 poster of past that I'm personally glad is "G-O-N-E-!" & while his exit is welcome I don't wish him any harm or ill in any way, shape or form. Everyone else, regardless of position or stance, has been awesome & for that I am greatful. So is News dead? Nope, not really. It continues w/ cameo performances by Rasheen da Queen, Gary Busey & Big Jeff. Really, I miss the "mans sauce" & the rants. Others of past I really miss are PK, Bolt Carrera, dood051, Capt'n Hook, Schmickitie & Clownman & assorted others that have gone off to internetland & maybe found a niche elsewhere to wreak their havoc. They always made me laugh. In all, News is what WE make of it. If you think it's dead, then it is to you. For me it's a select little community that is as dysfunctional as my family, but they put the "fun" in dys"fun"ctional. The only person that could've "kilt News" is the Big Guy himself, the Schneider of the BMX internet empire, none other than Mike Carruth & that's it. News ain't dead, long live News :) henry
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#173 Reputation System

Posted by Mike Carruth on 09 September 2009 - 12:32 PM

The reputation system of our new software allows you to score up to 250 posts per day with up and down votes for posts you think are either good, and worthy of props...or bad/negative/off-topic, etc...and are deservant of the virtual stink-eye. At the bottom right-hand corner of each post, you'll see a little green (+) and red (-) icon. Click each to add or remove cred from the post author. Later, as the system starts to get populated, you can set thresholds to only see content from people with cred higher than X...if you so choose. Oh, and you can't score your own posts, so you'll see no icons if you are the author. Please participate, and have fun! Best, M
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#16622 Reputation scores

Posted by eurohero on 30 April 2011 - 07:07 AM

Voted Terror, Penguin & Richie all positive.
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#14037 Sandbaggers!

Posted by eurohero on 06 March 2011 - 04:52 AM

congrats Judd and Harris families, you have been awarded with the first Sand Bag Awards if 2011

Congrats from Germany too!
Our national community was the same opinion as Schmickenheimer and voted your kids for the international Sand Bag Award in 2011.

Posted Image
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#5995 Team jumping

Posted by Huvie on 12 February 2010 - 01:17 AM

I am usually reluctant to offer any opinion on these forums. But I've some experience running a BMX race team so here's my 2 cents-- in the 10+ years I ran DB and Redman/Yamaha I never had a contract with an amateur. I think they're worthless and stupid. In my mind, sponsorship came down to this-- we want you on our team and you the rider want to be on our team. When either position changes, it's time for the rider to leave. An unhappy rider will only breed unhappiness. That said, I was always pissed when someone was lured away, enticed by the promise of a "better deal". But rather than moan about it, we just learned to play the game out-- go steal one of their guys or somebody else's. That's not my rule. It's built into the system and the culture. Anybody remember Chris Baldwin leaving the Firm to ride for the Tribe? And there's always this to consider-- now that there's some hot new shoe on the Crupi team getting all the attention, the other riders on the team will soon start to mull over what they're not getting because of the new kid. Easy pickings. And don't rule out the new kid who will come out of nowhere to beat that unbeatable kid. Forget the forums. If you're playing the stupid team game--and I played it with the best--then play ruthlessly to win or get out. And when I no longer had the stomach for the BS anymore, that's what I did. Got out. Although I am happily retired from this ridiculous drama, I have to admit that it was the struggle that made winning so much fun. So Greg, do yourself a favor next time-- no matter how infuriating it all is, and it's bloody infuriating, don't get mad--get even. Bottom line-- the teams use the riders and the riders use the teams. Everyone has their own agenda. The magic is keeping a group of people with the same agenda together just long enough to win it all.
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#23763 Tommydone over on the Vådge

Posted by schmick on 25 June 2013 - 09:45 PM

Schmick can't throw no hands. He's all talk.

Settle down Don King wannabe. Show me where I have ever flamed like a retard and tried to fight some one on a message board because they talked smack? I dont flame. Message boarding is entertainment, all about talking sh!t, something to do in the down time at work. I guess they didn't talk crap in missouri where you grew up huh? It has gone on on every playground since the start of time, they called it the dozens, mom jokes, smack or talking stink. If I post something and some mung takes offense to and flames like an idiot, thats scoreboard. If they're someone who generally gets it and they still flame like Corky, rack the f**k out of me, I got over.
Now go ahead and keep getting all worked up and pissed while I and those who get it are laughing at you tools, I'm out of Skyy and Bev Mo closes at 10
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#23685 When did the sanction start hating the West?

Posted by JLeal on 12 June 2013 - 01:01 PM

I just read the post again and it said that they have the option to use a high bandwidth fiber optic line. So feasibly possible that they didn't test the fiber line since the poster also stated that their IT guy was not contacted?
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#23221 2013 Team RUMORS

Posted by schmick on 19 December 2012 - 11:18 AM

Hey Nesvig, it's gonna be an honor riding with you guys next year. Really looking forward to hanging out with you, Chris, and of course Rusty in the pits and at the house. Take care brother! :D


Better bring a pillow, or get Donovan to pack 2 hammocks so you can hang with Jeff, he naps like Si Robertson
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#20789 ABA makes a nice change

Posted by ItsNickDawgSon on 12 January 2012 - 12:42 PM

Feel free to send the mob after me when this post is finished, and I purposely kept it off vintage because that crowd would surely stone me at the next national, but I knew Schmick would somewhat back me with this next statement. Or maybe not because I really hoped for a long winded thread from him expressing this so i could just watch him rant about it. It never came so call this a thread hijack attempt but uhhhhh. Seriously Striders again? Another year of the pushbike "craze"... When the NBL sunk I was happy about 2 things. No more sideshow carnival Kenda tire toss/bowling gimmicks and no more Strider International Cat 5 Jr Olympic Push Bike Opens to have to sit through. Yes I think getting young blood into the sport is good, yes I think grass roots marketing is great, blah blah blah I love a cute 5yr old kid as much as the next guy (not michael jackson type love) and Im psyked they are into riding bmx... But at the national level? It just seems a bit much and comes off kinda lame to me. Now the USABMX version may be better executed which I tend to think it naturally will be, but call me jaded I am just over the whole thing. Obviously Strider is a $pon$or so USABMX is gonna take their money and play ball so I cant say its bad business, but for the love of god please make it faster more efficient somehow? Nick "Id rather cheer for your 3 yr old in 5&under novice than on a strider" Valencia
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#20256 Texas, the Sandbagger State

Posted by RasheenDaQueen on 03 December 2011 - 05:05 AM

Again I dont care if hes 150pounds, I dont care about his sense of humor. Kids are killing themselves because of things like that. So stop saying it. That simple.

So what's really the issue here sweetie, because you have changed what has you worked up 3 or 4 times. Is it that your little boy read the post about those fabulous french or is it that he read it and thought it was funny, or are you mad at your parenting skills that you allowed a 10 year old baby to read a message board filled with miscreant BMX people? I normally wouldn't ask these questions baby but you seem to be all over the place like maple syrup after one of mamas dates.
Now excuse me while I get back to sexting with the Wang

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#16651 Reputation scores

Posted by eurohero on 01 May 2011 - 05:46 AM

haters gonna hate
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#16629 Reputation scores

Posted by eurohero on 30 April 2011 - 08:30 AM

i ran out of the daily quota for greenies.

how comes? i didn´t post that much today. :lol:

gave you one of my greenies.
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#12434 ABA and Motel 6

Posted by schmick on 13 January 2011 - 02:11 PM

Its a sponsor wanting to throw some money the ABA's way and give discounts to ABA members. I don't stay at Motel 6's but to me it's on the same level as Hyper selling bikes at Walmart and I don't seem to recall anyone getting upset about that. If it gives riders and their families a little more incentive to travel to races, not just nationals, and provides them with more options to stay, how is it a bad thing?
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