Speedline Mini Carbon Forks Speedline Mini Carbon Forks
One year ago, Maris Strombergs was on stage at the 204 USA BMX Grand National adding "USA BMX #1 Pro" to his ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 23, 2015
2016 Chase Element Completes 2016 Chase Element Completes
All year, Connor Fields and Joris Daudet have been rocketing to the front of the pack and landing on the podium. With multiple wins and ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 7, 2015
Early Pick: Speedco Velox Carbon Early Pick: Speedco Velox Carbon
Since April 16, 2014, when BMX News broke the story that former VSI brands Sinz and Speedco would be resurrected under the new ownership ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 3, 2015
Gloves From the Hand of Your Idol Gloves From the Hand of Your Idol
"Rider owned" is a label that immediately brings you in; it helps you identify that product as part of a line that is created with the understanding ...   Read More →
Posted On: October 13, 2015
Yess BMX Sprint Stand Yess BMX Sprint Stand
Your sprint sessions just got orders-of-magnitude easier, thanks to Yess BMX and the Yess Sprint Stand. It folds down for backpack transport to your secret ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 21, 2015
Start Packin’ Start Packin’
With 2015 back to school here to stay, it's time to grab the gear that will get you to and fro like a bro. The ...   Read More →
Posted On: August 31, 2015
Moto-Music With Harmonic Hubset Moto-Music With Harmonic Hubset
Oftentimes, races are won or lost by millimeters at the finish line. With low drag, and lightweight, the Harmonic Hubset by BOX Components just-may be the ...   Read More →
Posted On: August 12, 2015
Fatboy Mini Bikes Fatboy Mini Bikes
If you have been to a BMX track this year, odds are you have seen a “Fatboy” bike cruising through the infield/pits. ...   Read More →
Posted On: August 4, 2015
Crupi I-Beam Stem Crupi I-Beam Stem
BMX Racing is constantly-evolving, but there is one thing that remains constant—kids are always growing! One of the biggest challenges in our sport is dialing-in the bike. Often-times, at the track, you'll hear someone giving advice    Read More →
Posted On: July 26, 2015
CCH Expert Aluminum Bars CCH Expert Aluminum Bars
Over the past few years, Cruisen Chris Hoffman, the “CCH” behind CCH Bicycles has been working hard to grow his brand since the "proto peek" we ran ...   Read More →
Posted On: July 12, 2015
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