Hollow is On-Point Hollow is On-Point
Something you may not know: The BOX Components line was created from scratch, over the past two years. Lots of 3D rendering and trips over to the factories to put some BMXer eyeball time on what was being cranked out in the shop.    Read More →
Posted On: January 22, 2014
More Proven Holeshots More Proven Holeshots
Whether you're an old schooler who would never be caught dead in clips, or a novice who is on flats til the bump up ...   Read More →
Posted On: January 6, 2014
Troy Lee SE Gear Bag Troy Lee SE Gear Bag
There's nothing like sipping a cranberry juice at 30,000 feet, knowing your luggage is not sitting under you, disintegrating in the baggage hold. When it goes bad, those zippers will surely bust open at precisely the wrong time, revealing your Captain America undies and other ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 24, 2013
Pure Style Pure Style
A long-time favorite over in Europe, the Pure BMX frame has spread Westward to the Colonies. Made in North America, the Pure gives all the handmade quality and workmanship you have come to expect from frames made on the home continent, but also a full ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 9, 2013
Yess BMX Seatpost Extender Yess BMX Seatpost Extender
Late last year, BMX News reported on the growing popularity of "Cool-Down" Seatposts. At that point, there were a few options, which the factory stars could ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 10, 2013
Elemental Excellence Elemental Excellence
From our first "peek" at the then-new Chase BMX frame (BMX News, March 31, 2011), we knew Christophe Leveque was up to something special. ...   Read More →
Posted On: October 24, 2013
Go For the Cup on the CCH SuperCup Go For the Cup on the CCH SuperCup
Crusen Chris Hoffman stormed back on to the BMX Racing scene about eight months ago with a new line of frames and parts under his legacy CCH ...   Read More →
Posted On: October 11, 2013
SE Racing PK Ripper Elite Pro Frame SE Racing PK Ripper Elite Pro Frame
As one of the first aluminum frames on the market, dating back to the late 1970s, the PK Ripper is the Ford Mustang of BMX racing frames: Classic heritage, but refined for the tastes and riding styles of the modern era. For ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 27, 2013
Choose Your CLiQ Weaponz, Sir Choose Your CLiQ Weaponz, Sir
We have seen them on the bikes of some of the top lead riders this season, and are seeing them more and more at the local tracks as the CLiQ vibe spreads to the masses. CLiQ ...   Read More →
Posted On: September 10, 2013
Inflate Your Win Record: Helium Bars Inflate Your Win Record: Helium Bars
Your handlebars. They are the primary interface between your upper body power, and the bike beneath you. All the Hulkification you set in motion in training comes down to a strong relationship between ...   Read More →
Posted On: August 14, 2013
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