Smooth Runnings With Answer Ceramic BB Smooth Runnings With Answer Ceramic BB
It's a real drag to have a bottom bracket that holds you back— without you even knowing it. There is a lot going on down there to enable your "spin to win" sensibilities, and it starts with the right hardware. The Answer Ceramic Bottom Bracket ...   Read More →
Posted On: March 30, 2018
Get a Grip! Get a Grip!
In fact, you'll get two, when you upgrade to some Moto Grips by Alienation. That first straight pull you're lookin for? It may just require you to get a little closer to your scoot, and we don't mean a long sunset ride at the beach and a ...   Read More →
Posted On: March 8, 2018
Box Fork Line All-New For 2018 Box Fork Line All-New For 2018
Without question, Box Components has one of the most popular carbon forks in the BMX marketplace. Since the day they first hit the shelves, you have seen them on board with the fastest go-getters in the game. For 2018, Box head honcho, Toby Henderson, tells ...   Read More →
Posted On: March 2, 2018
When In Doubt, Air it Up When In Doubt, Air it Up
When you take your bike out of the "golf" bag after the last race, and the tires are low, there is no worse pain than trying to get those rockin' rollers back up to racing pressure with a chump of a pump. ...   Read More →
Posted On: February 3, 2018
Alienation Vault Has a Wealth of Pull Alienation Vault Has a Wealth of Pull
The front end of your bike is where all that training you do ends up (well, that, and on the pedals). Flex in your stem is where some of that pull-force gets scrubbed-off. So, when it comes to selecting a stem that is going to have ...   Read More →
Posted On: January 24, 2018
Chase Act 1.0 Carbon Chase Act 1.0 Carbon
BMX News has been tracking the Chase Carbon ACT 1.0 to market ever since we had the "World Exclusive" sneak peek in August of 2016. Last March, pre-orders were opened, and the frame started shipping in Q3. Connor and Joris showed up to the ...   Read More →
Posted On: January 9, 2018
SiDi Drako Clip Shoes SiDi Drako Clip Shoes
Ask any top executive, and they’ll tell you that a pair of well-crafted Italian shoes puts an extra element of confidence in their step when they’re taking care of business in the boardroom. Check out the photos of top BMXers from any big race, and you’ll ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 13, 2017
NEW: Vee SpeedBooster Tire NEW: Vee SpeedBooster Tire
Back on September 25, we featured the Vee Tire Co. Speedster tire here in Product Spotlight. Today, we’re pleased to bring you a first look at the NextGen model Vee just released, the SpeedBooster. It's fully-reimagined rubber, that has a trendsetting tread and a ...   Read More →
Posted On: December 6, 2017
2018 GT Speed Series Pro Complete 2018 GT Speed Series Pro Complete
If Santa rode a BMX bike, there’s a good chance it would be a hi-vis sleigh that has a great visual presence for those North Pole local races. Fortunately, you have the same option now that the 2018 GT Speed Series completes have hit ...   Read More →
Posted On: November 21, 2017
Yess BMX Adds Taper to Fork Line Yess BMX Adds Taper to Fork Line
Yess BMX has been gradually, but gainfully, coming through the pack of top fork brands on the market. Whether you’re a connoisseur of carbon or a “steel is real,” you may-just want to take a look at what Yess BMX is offering up-front. Their aluminum ...   Read More →
Posted On: October 31, 2017
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