Box Pro Contingency Brings Easier Pay in 2019

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2019 Box Components Pro Contingency Program
We all know that there are many sources for pro BMXers to collect a paycheck. These sources are often not as fat as we would like, and not every rider goes after every stream. For example: some do not actively teach clinics, and others mostly rely on sponsor salary and prize money to get the job done.

One of the easiest revenue streams for pros to get involved in is the Box Components contingency program. Unlike many other brands, where you have to be officially sponsored to be eligible for contingency money, with the Box program, all you have to do is complete some paperwork and be running certain parts on your bike when you place well at the races. Any rider can participate, so long as they meet the criteria.

BMX News has reported on the program each year since its inception, effective in the 2017 season. In 2018, the program has paid out $14,274 prior to the Grands– so you can see that SOME riders are taking full advantage of the extra cash available to them.

Box provided us with the top six riders who collected from the program in 2018 (pre-Grands):

-Alise Willoughby (Elite Women)
-Niek Kimmann (Elite Men)
-Trent Jones (Elite Men)
-Cristian Becerine (Vet Pro)
-Tyler Brown (Vet Pro)
-Jonathan Suarez (Vet Pro)

2019 Box Components Pro Contingency Program
We are surprised to see only two Elite men of the full volume of the class in the top six. Yes, some are betrothed to other brands, but those who aren’t should be mopping up every spare drop of contingency cash they can. Many are running the product anyway, so it’s a simple matter of filling out some forms and filing them on time to get paid.

For 2019, Toby Henderson and the marketing team at Box are making it easier-than-ever to get some of the contingency cash they are putting up.

Here are some speed-round bullet points:
* A total of $30,495 is up for grabs for 18 events (listed below).

* Box has relaxed the requirements of how many products program participants have to run. Mandatory items: Box Number Plate and Side Plates, plus ONE of four additional products (Box X Series Forks, Box Cranks, Box Rims, Box Stem/Handlebar combo).

* Previously, the program only paid podium finishers. For 2019, the program will pay all eligible main makers.

* Box is streamlining the process of paying riders their contingency winnings, by offering payment via PayPal as an option, instead of a check-by-mail.

* As in previous years, Payouts are available for Elite Men, Elite Women, A-Pro and Vet Pro. USA BMX Pro Open is not eligible for the program.

* Title winners in the UCI BMX World Cup Series and the USA BMX Pro Series also receive bonus payouts. ($1000 for USA BMX, $500 for UCI SX, in Elite Men–as one example)

Box acknowledges that the total available cash is less than previous years. But, they quickly add that the 2019 program will pay more riders, and require them to run fewer products. Plus, there is no cap to a rider’s winnings, as in previous years. (News also has to point out that in the past two years of the program, largely due to riders not filing the simple paperwork, the program’s payout has not come close to paying out the full pool of cash).

The 18 events that the 2019 Box Pro Contingency Program will cover are as follows:

Zolder, Belgium | July 23-28

Manchester GBR | April 27-28
Papendal, NED | May 11-12
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Paris), FRA | June 8-9
Rock Hill, USA | Sept 14-15
Santiago del Estero, ARG | Sept 28-29

Winter Nationals | Phoenix, AZ | Feb 15-17
Gator Nationals | Oldsmar, FL | Feb 22-24
Spring Nationals | Albuquerque, NM | Mar 15-17
Carolina Nationals | Rock Hill, SC | Mar 29-31
Dixieland Nationals | Atlanta, GA | Apr 26-28
Music City Nationals | Nashville, TN | May 24-26
Midwest Nationals | Rockhill, SC | Jun 14-16
Great Salt Lake Nationals | So. Jordan, UT | Jun 21-23
Stars & Stripes Nationals | Pittsburgh, PA | Jul 5-7
Derby City Nationals | Louisville, KY | Aug 30 – Sep 1
Sunshine State Nationals | Sarasota, FL | Oct 18-20
Grand National | Tulsa, OK | Nov 28 – Dec 1

There’s a lot to digest here, no doubt. We’re sure that, for the pros reading, your interest is piqued, and you’ll want to know more.

Use the link below to download a PDF of the payout tables, with corresponding amounts, as well as the reporting requirements


2019 Box Contingency Details

Box Components Website