Exposed Handlebar-End Kills Six Year Old Boy

August 15, 2018 by  

Exposed Handlebar End Kills Six Year Old Boy

Some sad news from Pullman, Washington (75 miles South of Spokane) today, where a six-year old boy, riding his bike in the neighborhood crashed, and suffered a fatal injury, in a freak accident. Denny Curran, was enjoying a day on his bike with friends, the day before moving to the other side of town.

According to a segment on local station, KHQ (below), Denny was to sleep in his new room that-very night. He and his brother, Michael, stayed behind with friends, and a trusted chaperone, to ride around the neighborhood, while his parents unpacked boxes in their new home.

Denny’s father, Keith, described the accident to KHQ by saying: “For some reason, his handlebars turned 90 degrees impacting the asphalt. It impaled him in his abdomen.”

The report continues that Denny was airlifted to a local hospital, but the damage was too extreme, and Denny passed away early the following morning—10 minutes after being baptized by the family priest. “I truly believe Jesus himself came for Denny,” Mr. Curran said, in the report.

Our hearts are breaking for the Curran family, on hearing this news. We want kids to ride bikes with friends—it is an important part of being a kid, and more kids should do it. But when something like this happens, it should make us extra-diligent in inspecting all our bikes and, in fact, ANY vehicle that has handlebars.

This is something that has touched my family, and we got off “easy,” by comparison. My son, Jordan, was riding his scooter in front of the house. Nothing extreme, just regular riding, like Denny. He crabbed his front wheel and fell, directly, on the exposed bar end, right between the eyes. I should have known better, and there was a lot of guilt, that he got hurt this way. I just didn’t think about scooters as a potential threat, in that way. Thank God for the brilliant surgeons at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago…the scar is minor.

A little to the left, or to the right, and he would have undoubtedly lost an eye. We prayed hard, in thanks, for that miracle.

Exposed Handlebar End Scar

No doubt that Denny’s parents would want to tell everyone (parents, BMX Tracks with loaner bikes, and any other vehicle with exposed handlebar ends), to replace worn grips immediately—DON’T WAIT!

Here is the KHQ segment:

Our heart-felt condolences and prayers go out to the Curran family as they lay their little rider to rest.

—Mike Carruth