Reader Letter: Announcer Mispronounces My Name

July 17, 2018 by  

News Wants to Know: Erick Grindle

There’s nothing worse than the announcer mispronouncing a rider’s name. And we mean that from the ANNOUNCER’S point of view, just as much as the rider’s. It’s an awkward thing that sometimes hangs out there for years, til one day, the rider and announcer meet in the breakfast area at the Holiday Inn Express, and it somehow gets randomly straightened out.

USA BMX National Announcer, Erick Grindle recommends a more straightforward, proactive approach to the question News wants to know: “What Should I Do if the Announcer Mispronounces My Name?”

Erick confirmed what we said above: without the rider stepping in to correct things, you’re going to be “Frankie” instead of “Franke” (silent E) for the foreseeable future. A good announcer isn’t going to hate you for helping him/her out with the name.

Same goes for sponsors. If it’s wrong, go fix it at the registration window.

—Mike Carruth