Production Ready: Yess BMX “MX-Y” Frame

July 10, 2018 by  

Yess BMX MX-Y Frame

We first saw the Yess BMX “MX-Y” frame in the days leading up to the 2017 Grands, with a code name of “show stopper.” Bill and Renny Husada at Yess have a long tradition of showing off concepts at the Grands, designed to spur conversation and make you go “hmmmm.”

Fast-forward seven months, and that “escaped from the lab” experiment we saw in Tulsa has been further refined and put into production as part of the regular Yess product line.

Now called the MX-Y, the new frame features an “abbreviated seat stay” which allows a belt or chain to be installed without opening up the chain or seat stay, as was necessary with previous models.

News asked Bill Husada about the motivation to build the MX-Y frame. Here’s what he said:

Bill: We designed the MX-Y because, after four years of producing the Elite World Cup (EWC) frame, there was always huge interest in sizes other than Pro.

News: Why not build the Elite World Cup frame in Expert and Cruiser, in addition to pro?

Bill: Because there is no “expert” (size) or cruiser racing in the World Cup category. I felt it best to stay true to that “elite” tradition. That’s one reason why we developed the MX-Y in Expert, Pro and soon-to-come 24″ sizes.

The other reason was that people were always badmouthing the split seat stay of our belt drive frame–even though there was ZERO evidence of any loss of stiffness or other problems with it. Some people just could not get past the fact that you had to open up the seat stay to run the belt drive.

The MX-Y removes those objections, because it works with a belt (or chain) without any special modifications.

The next hurdle we face in terms of belt drive is that Gates does not make a shorter belt–so don’t start asking about MX-Y minis, just yet (laughs).

Here’s Yess BMX Factory flier and trusted test pilot, Jeff Ingram, with some on-camera facts about his experience riding the MX-Y these-past several months.

The MX-Y is available in expert and expert XL, as well as Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL and Pro XXXL, shipping now from your favorite BMX hot shop or mail order outlet. MSRP is $795 for Expert sizes and $850 for pro sizes.

The detailed geometry is linked below in a PDF, which is actually for the Yess “Type X” frame, but the Expert and Pro sizes share specs with the MXY.

If you’re in to the exotic stuff, consider going oversize with your new MX-Y. Yess can make it OS/20 compatible by special order.

While you’re at it, pair it up with some Yess Reach aluminum forks ($200 MSRP).

All this awesomeness has us rubbing our hands together, waiting to see what the 2018 Grands may bring to the display stand at the Yess BMX pit. Only 134 days, and a wakeup, til we find out.


Yess BMX “MX-Y” Frame Geometry and Specs