Follow Up: Marshall Gehrke “No Days Off”

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Marshall Gehrke: No Days Off

Back on May 31, BMX News posted an article calling all BMXers in the Midwest region to come on out to Waukegan BMX on June 3 for a special session with Answer/Rennen star, Marshall Gehrke, who was being filmed for a webisode of Whistle Sports “No Days Off” series. Whistle Sports is one of the Channels promoted by YouTube empire “Dude Perfect,” with tens of millions of subscribers around the world.

The session on June 3 went well and, from all accounts, the film crew had a blast working with Marshall and the Waukegan BMX crowd.

Here is the six and a half minute episode:

As of this writing, the show had 302,000 views which, we’re sure you’ll agree is pretty massive. Whistle Sports did a great job putting the story together, and big props to Marshall, Erik and Michelle for representing BMX Racing so well to the masses.


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