Flying: Tucker Rice

July 23, 2018 by  

Tucker Rice Flying
Florida BMXer Tucker Rice (last seen on Factory MCS) has been blazing up the sky as an FAA-licensed pilot for the past few years. He’s currently making his way through college, studying Communications, with a minor in Business Management, graduating in 2020.

Recently, Flying Magazine did a #FlyToLive profile on him and the story of his love for all things airborne.

The interview takes us deep into Tucker’s long-love for flying, including the under the proverbial-hood maintenance of the aircraft, assisted all the way by his grandfather, Allen, who got him started in his love for flying, via RC planes.

Here’s the video:

It’s truly-awesome to see a BMXer get some major props (if you’ll allow the pun), doing something other than BMX, they truly love. And even though we haven’t seen him on the national scene in a few years, make no mistake about this: there is no-such-thing as a “former” BMXer. BMX is lives-on in the heart and mind of everyone who ever put their wheel on a gate.

Tucker Rice at the Music City Nationals

We have no doubt that his BMX roots have contributed to all the awesomeness we see here, and the career path that lies in store for him. All the best, Tucker!


—Mike Carruth