USA BMX Signs 30-Year Tulsa Deal

June 19, 2018 by  

USA BMX Tulsa "Epicenter" Facility

After four-years-and-change of presenting, concepting, negotiating and hurry-up-and-waiting, USA BMX has seen its patience pay off, with a final agreement signed for the relocation of their headquarters, and other facilities to a site northwest of downtown Tulsa.

The complex, which BMX News has taken to calling the “Epicenter” facility will be situated on part of a 25-acre parcel of land which was once a United States Steel manufacturing plant called the “Evans/Fintube” division. The site has been slated for redevelopment by the City of Tulsa since at least 2016, and was an alternate location to the original site selected for the project.

That original site was the former “Drillers Stadium” on the grounds of Tulsa Expo Square, home to the USA BMX Grand National, however the plan to take over the stadium site, and an adjacent building were derailed in June of 2017 over a disagreement over soft drink “pouring rights” (as covered by News in this June 15, 2017 article on the topic).

Fast-forward to this week: USA BMX will pay annual rent of $66,000 for the space they will occupy–which includes headquarters offices, a BMX track capable of hosting large-scale events (presumably, dual-hill), a home for the National BMX Hall of Fame and Museum, and perhaps dormitories for visiting athletes who are training at the facility. The agreement is for 30 years, plus two 10-year renewal options.

And while the above photo is a popular one of the location, USA BMX confirms to BMX News that the buildings shown will not be part of the USA BMX facility—which will be housed in a new, purpose-built structure on the site.

Construction is expected to start in the fall of this year, with completion sometime in the latter half of 2019.

The eyes of Tulsa city leaders are sharply-focused on the mid-2020 calendar, in hopes the facility is completed, and ready to host the BMX US Olympic Trials, ahead of the Tokyo Summer Games. In an article carried by the Tulsa World newspaper, USA BMX is quoted as saying the “possibility (of hosting the trials in Tulsa) still exists.” and “There will be an Olympic element in this arena for sure.”

The facility will not be large enough to host the Grand National, which will stay at Expo Square, as it has for the past 20 years. That said, John David told News “While the Grands will continued to held at Expo Square, USA BMX is considering the possibility of utilizing the new facility for some Grands events like the Pro Championship Finals.”

BMX News will be sticking with the story on a regular basis, as development and construction gets underway and progresses.


Tulsa World: City finalizes deal with USA BMX to bring headquarters, indoor arena to site northeast of downtown