30-Day Suspension for Indiana “Ghostrider”

April 17, 2018 by  

Indiana Ghostrider

Steel Wheels BMX in Northwest Indiana held a State Qualifier on April 7. People from all over the Hoosier State, and surrounding states, turned out for an exciting evening of indoor BMX. That, in and of itself, is not necessarily newsworthy, though it is great to see so many people getting in on the state series action.

The Internet was set on fire the following day, as a video clip of the 16x class second round went sorta-viral, reaching 36,000 views and over 300 shares.

The clip, posted on Facebook by Wayne Roon, shows the three-rider race, with the inside and the middle rider “rubbin'” just-after the first roller.

The inside rider went down, but popped back up, and the race continued. The downed rider made his way across the track, as if maybe he had some bike trouble or something, but as the remaining two riders came across the finish line, the downed rider ghost rode his bike into the lead rider. let’s go to the tape:

We don’t know what happened next; the video cuts out abruptly, but the aftermath in the ensuing days is that the so-called “ghostrider” received a 30-day suspension from USA BMX, and may receive a further suspension from the track itself–but that is yet-to-be-confirmed.

Since the rider in question is a minor, we are not using his name in this article, and we’re not going to editorialize on his actions. But, with so much online attention to the video, we thought it important to report on the consequences served up by USA BMX on the matter.