Bodi Turner Saddled With 19-Month Suspension

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Bodi Turner Suspended for 19 Months

BMX News has reported extensively on the anti-doping procedure that elite athletes must follow away from the track. Athletes have to account for their whereabouts at all times, via a smart phone app, so anti-doping agents can visit them at random times to collect urine and/or blood samples that test the subject for a long list of banned substances.

If the athlete misses the connection for the random test, it could-well count toward a suspension for a “Whereabouts Failure.”

Which brings us to today’s news. Aussie Elite star, Bodi Turner missed the connection on three tests in a 12-month period, and that was enough to get him socked with a 19-month suspension.

Here’s what Bodi said about how it all happened, and his plan going forward.

I accumulated a combination of three filing failures/missed tests with anti-doping authorities within a 12-month period.

First and foremost I wish to apologise to not only to my support team and sponsors, but also to my fans and supporters across Australia and the world for my actions, which have led to this situation.

Since 2013, I have been tested on 13 occasions, all over the world and three of those were in 2017.

I have never failed a drug test. I have never partaken of performance enhancing drugs. Sport is my entire life and I would never do anything to knowingly jeopardise my career.

I am vehemently against drug use in sport. I believe in a fair competition.

I am enduring a 15-month on suspension due to an administrative fault on my part. That commenced on December 3, and as of March 3 this year there is 12 months to go. I have this sanction purely and merely due a technicality of procedure, not willingness to do wrong. I accept full responsibility for my administrative failings.

I’m really disappointed that I did not take care of these administrative requirements proactively. I have taken this matter very seriously, and by being honest and open about my situation, I hope I can encourage and educate up and coming athletes on how important professionalism and excellence is in all areas of being an elite athlete.

It takes more than just fast legs and great skills to compete with the elite BMX riders of the world.

I’ve always seen the positives in any situation, and have now surrendered to the fact I won’t be competing in 2018. No one wants to be sidelined from his or her sport, but the timing is favourable with plenty of time until the Tokyo Olympics and I believe this break could benefit me more than I had ever imagined.

I now have just under a year to focus on health, wealth and self-development.

From training, to schooling, to getting the ball rolling on some much-anticipated projects I haven’t had the chance to pursue while competing year round.

If anything, my actions concluding 2017 have given me the motivation I needed to step it up another level and use the time I’ve been given to approach 2019 stronger, healthier and faster than ever.

Again, my sincere apologies.

We believe him. And as unfortunate as the suspension is, we look forward to seeing him back on the track in what is now 12 months.

In a statement, BMX Australia said the following of this action:

It is important to note that that Turner’s Whereabouts Failures did not raise any suspicion with the investigating body that testing was being intentionally avoided. It was deemed that Turner’s behaviour reflected a lack of care, as opposed to any intention to deceive.

Stay current with Bodi’s social accounts for the latest (link to instagram below).


BMX Australia statement on Bodi Turner’s suspension

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Bodi Turner Suspended for 19 Months

*Correction: Our initial headline stated that Bodi received a “UCI Suspension,” which is true, but the suspension, itself is handed down by Cycling Australia, and is observed by UCI and other governing bodies around the world.