Haro/US Development Team Launches for 2018

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2018 Haro/US Development
Last year, Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff broke from the traditional “factory team” format to create a USA Cycling “Development” team that would train, coach and mentor a small team of riders, likely over many years, to ultimately reap the next crop of US Olympic hopefuls in BMX Racing.

With coaching help from Arielle Verhaaren (still Arielle Martin to many of us), the 2017 roster saw some great results, and we noticed an unquantifiable maturing among the whole squad.

Bryce Batten 2018 Haro/US Development  TeamFor 2018, the program has expanded to include more riders, two of whom making the jump to A-Pro at next week’s USA BMX season opener in Phoenix–Bryce Batten and Kamren Larsen.

Of the pro side of the team, Dale told News:

“Bryce & Kamren will make their Pro debut in Phoenix, so we’ve decided to give them a different look from the ams on the team with full 100% helmets & gear. The Ams will be branded Answer Racing & Rockstar Energy.”

The Haro/US Development Team will consist of the following riders (listed alphabetically):

Bryce Batten – A-Pro/Elite
Kamren Larsen – A-Pro/Elite

Brooke Craft – 13G
Madelynn DeSantis – 14G
Cam Mason – 16X
Noah Ramos – 16X
Payton Ridenour – 15-16G

They are all riding the Haro Carbon Citizen, in addition to parts and gear from the team’s impressive roster of sponsors. These are:

USA Cycling
Haro Bikes
Rockstar Energy
Dale Holmes Racing
Barona Casino
Answer Racing
ODI Grips
Box Components
*Links added to highlight companies that are also BMX News advertisers.

Dale gave us some more fill-in on the details, saying:

The Team are all currently in Chula Vista on a Team camp getting some riding in and shooting some footage.

Focus of the year is to ease both Bryce and Kamren into the Pro Elite ranks with an emphasis on USA BMX, a few selected European rounds and the UCI World Championships.

Additionally, we teach the kids the ropes on racing & training, the industry side, as well as working with sponsors and ensuring they deliver what is expected of them.

Team USA Cycling BMX Director: Jamie Staff
Team Manager: Dale Holmes
Team Coach: Arielle Verhaaren

We are definitely looking forward to seeing all the Haro/Devo riders out front and in the BMX News viewfinder as much as possible this year. All the best to everyone involved.

—Mike Carruth


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2018 Haro/US Development