Time to Rally for 2018 Race For Life

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2018 USA BMX Race For Life
Each year, the USA BMX “Race For Life” is a major fundraising effort in which tens of thousands of BMXers participate. In 2017, families from sea to shining sea raised $226,000 and change for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

For those joining the program, already in progress, Race For Life was started back in 1981 when Michigan BMXer Todd Kingsbury was diagnosed with Leukemia. Todd passed away soon after his diagnosis, but the program put in place to help him has since raised over $4 million, via the efforts of BMXers just like you.

Here is a video that USA BMX put together to give new-era BMXers, and potential donors a bit more of the backstory on how Race For Life came to be.

Every track in the USA BMX system gives-over one day per year for their RFL event. In 2018, the program is on-point to hit higher levels of fundraising success, with a new rallying cry: “Race With a Purpose!”

To amp-up the stoke value of Race For Life in 2018, USA BMX and Box Components have put together a list of prizes that, we know you’ll agree, is awesome in scope and substance.

Here’s what USA BMX told News, in a release:

2018 USA BMX Race For Life Box Components Prize Package

Once a rider’s entry (entries) have been verified, they’ll be in the running for great prizes from USA BMX and BOX Components, to win one of the following:

1) COMPLETE Race ready Thrill BMX Bike, Box Jersey, Box Hat, Box Numberplate, Box T-Shirt and Banner (above)

2) Box Forks, Box Jersey, Box Hat, Box Numberplate & Banner

3) Box three Cranks, Box Jersey, Box Hat, Box Numberplate and Banner

4) Box three brake kit, Box Jersey, Box Hat, Box Numberplate and Banner

5) Box three hubs, Box jersey, Box hat, Box Numberplate and Banner

Many tracks have already began holding their RFL races. To find a RFL event visit the Race For Life schedule page (link below)

Here are the levels at which you can win RFL awards for your efforts:
$5 – $19.99 Official “Race For Life” Certificate
$20 – $49.99 Official “Race For Life” Wristband
$50 – $249.99 Official “Race For Life” T-shirt
$250 – $499.99 Official “Race For Life” Sweatshirt
$500 – over All entry fees to the 2018 USA BMX Grands FREE*
*(cannot be transferred)

Did you know: USA BMX & BMX Canada are among the top fundraisers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Be part of this ongoing body of good work.

We look forward to seeing a figure NORTH of $300k on the stage in Tulsa this November. Are you ready to #RaceWithAPurpose?

—Mike Carruth


2018 USA BMX Race For Life Events

Take a few mins to learn more about how the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society puts your donations to work.
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Website

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