Sprinting: There’s an App For That

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BMX Sprint Timer App
Jake Stephenitch is a popular coach in BMX training circles, around the Midwest, and beyond. His Spark BMX Training blog has some great articles, some of which we have adapted and published here on BMX News.

In a pre-new-years blitz on social media, Jake rolled out a new addition to his practice: a purpose-built app he developed specifically for BMX sprinting.

The BMX Sprint Timer app ($24.99 on the Apple App Store) is accurate up to 0.004 of a second and stores each sprint on your device for playback later. Training data is stored in handy graphs to show progress in your performance.

We asked Jake for some of the back story behind developing the project. here’s what he told us:

I really needed a way to measure my athletes’ training progress from around the world. Unfortunately, timing systems are very expensive.

Stopwatches and speedometers were not accurate enough. Going by a feeling of what was faster or slower just wasn’t cutting it for them or me.

This is the tool that I needed for me to track my athlete’s performance and for them to get immediate feedback on their training.

Video quality in new smartphones is quite amazing.

Not only does using your iPhone or iPad provide accurate timing, up to 0.004 (four-thousandths) of a second between frames, they store your video so you can review your technique.

The app instantly averages your times each session and stores them in a chart.

This provides a baseline of your past performance and creates a challenge for you to beat the following training session. Also, a random cadence built in as an optional feature that allows you to train your reaction timing.

Here’s a short video that has some of the screen shots and functionality on display:

From now til Jan 10, when you purchase the app, you will also receive a copy of Jake’s new book “The BMX Sprint Manual,” a $19.95 value, free! Check the link below for more info.

We will be checking in with Jake again soon for more on the app, and his progress applying it to his own training practice.

—Mike Carruth


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