Chase Act 1.0 Carbon

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Chase Act 1.0 Carbon BMX Racing Frame
BMX News has been tracking the Chase Carbon ACT 1.0 to market ever since we had the “World Exclusive” sneak peek in August of 2016. Last March, pre-orders were opened, and the frame started shipping in Q3.

Connor and Joris showed up to the Grands rockin their 2018 Factory Chase colorway, complete with neon-yellow accents. Lookin GOOD!

This is the first opportunity we had to dig in on the ACT 1.0 as a Product Spotlight, and we caught up with Pete Dylewski, BMX Racing Group partner, and part of the visionary crew that put it all together.

Here’s what he told us about the ACT 1.0 Carbon:

Over the past three years, we have been designing, developing, testing, and refining the ACT carbon.

With each frame prototype and sample, we let our Pro team ride it, give us feedback, comparing it to the RSP frame as a benchmark, and make the necessary changes to make it a better frame for winning races.

With help from industry design experts such as Billy Griggs, and the design being refined each time by Christophe Leveque, we feel we had reached the point to release the final version, the ACT 1.0.

As you could see with our team, it seemed to help with both Joris win a UCI BMX world cup as well as numerous USA BMX Pro Series nationals, and help Connor win the overall USA BMX #1 Pro title.

There are six sizes available—Pro, Pro+, Pro XL, Pro XL+, Pro XXL and Pro XXL+, each adding a 1/4″ to the top tube from 20.5″ to 21.75″, among other incremental geometry adjustments.

Finishes are matte or gloss black, with red, blue or neon yellow accents, or matte/gloss grey with neon yellow. For those enquiring minds who want to know: Joris and Connor run the black with neon–Connor on the matte and Joris on the Gloss finish.

The Act 1 also has an integrated seat clamp, two sets of chain tensioners (20mm and 10mm), as well as the Monocoque Carbon Aero Seat Post (Length : 110mm, Weight : 60 g / 2.12 oz). Those are some pretty tasty accompaniments to go along with the sweet curb appeal and brute strength of the frame, itself.

Shipping from J&R now for $1,398.95.

The “pros” of the Act 1.0 carbon are well-demonstrated by…well, the pros who ride them.


Chase Act 1.0 Carbon Frame at J&R Bicycles

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Chase Act 1.0 Carbon BMX Racing Frame