Alienation Vault Has a Wealth of Pull

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Alienation Vault Stem
The front end of your bike is where all that training you do ends up (well, that, and on the pedals). Flex in your stem is where some of that pull-force gets scrubbed-off. So, when it comes to selecting a stem that is going to have brute-force clamping power on your bars and forks, plus the lightweight cred not to slow down your scoot, you need to make sure it’s a gem.

The Vault stem, by Alienation, gives you the kung-fu grip you need, where you need it, AND
the unyielding stiffness to make your start and out-of-the-turn horsepower all it can be.

News checked in with Alienation boss, Zach Taylor, for a little bit of hype on how and why the vault means money in your bike’s bank.

The Vault stem looks fast standing still. It possesses some of the cleanest lines ever witnessed. The topload, split-clamp is extremely functional along with the unique rear-clamp cut out.

The 58mm version is in stock and shipping now from J&R at $56.95. 53mm is also available by special order. You can have any color you want, as long as it’s Black.

The Finer Details:
- 7075 T6 CNC’d
- Stack Height: 31.8 mm
- Reach: 53 mm or 58mm
- Rise: 33 mm
- Weight: 289 g / 10.2 oz

Use the link below for more info and to order.


Alienation Vault Stem on J&R Bicycles

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