NEW: Vee SpeedBooster Tire

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SpeedBooster tire by Vee Tire Co.

Back on September 25, we featured the Vee Tire Co. Speedster tire here in Product Spotlight. Today, we’re pleased to bring you a first look at the NextGen model Vee just released, the SpeedBooster.

It’s fully-reimagined rubber, that has a trendsetting tread and a new compound that stands up to the rigors of starts and straights, and gives vice-grip traction in the turns.

For some backstory on the development of the SpeedBooster, we called upon VEE Tire Co. Rep., Gray Hutchinson. Here’s what he told us:

News: What makes the new LSG+ compound better than the previous LSG compound?

“The new compound uses a new hardness to improve rolling resistance on today’s tracks. The combination of high pressure capability (110psi), and new tacky compound makes for a tire that decreases friction and holds at very steep angles on both dirt and paved berms.”

News: Aside from the rubber compound, what makes this tire different than previous tires?

“The SpeedBooster was built from the ground up with speed and handling in mind”. We used a bigger overall circumference and new tread pattern to boost speed on straight always and hold traction at extreme angles with a very aggressive new pattern.” – Gray Hutchinson

SpeedBooster tire by Vee Tire Co.The foldable SpeedBooster is shipping now from J&R in two sizes (20×1.6 and 20×1.75). The following sizes will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

20 x 1.85
20 x 1.95
20 x 1 1/8
20 x 1 3/8

The J&R site price is $34.95, but if you get your cart over $100, you’ll receive 15% off your non-sale items by using discount code JRSPOT15.

While we had Grey on the line for this story, we asked him what the 2018 plan is for his in-house 13x, Vee test pilot and now-former Factory Kuwahara cranker, Greydon. Will we see him flying Factory VEE Tire colors in 2018? Stay tuned to News to find out!

Top Photo: The SpeedBooster, aired-up on one of our resident test bikes, a DK Sprinter. The SpeedBooster was easy to install, even without proper tire levers (with some brute force applied, so it would have been so-much easier with the Park Tool TL-5 Tire Levers, link below).


Vee SpeedBooster BMX Racing Tire on J&R Bicycles

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SpeedBooster tire by Vee Tire Co.