Dani George Ready to Throdwn in 2018

December 21, 2017 by  

Dani George Joins Factory Throdwn

As the final sands of 2017 slip through the hourglass, BMX teams across the country are re-racking their rosters for the new year. Afterall, it’s only 22 days to the Las Vegas season opener on January 14, and 57 days til the pro opener in Phoenix on February 16.

Factory Throdwn is stepping out early with a pro pickup that is sure to wow the crowd on the fenceline at Black Mountain.

Dani George spent the past couple years with Dale Holmes’ team, and make the move to the Throdwn camp for 2018. Here’s what she told News about the new ride

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be riding for Factory Throdwn for the 2018 season.

My partnership with Jim and Charlie embodies my renewed passion for BMX racing and I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

Life is starting to get really good and I think it’s awesome that I’ll have an incredible team that will be a huge part of it.

Throdwn Owner Charlie Jahnke and Team Manager, Jim Buchanan spoke to NEWS exclusively about the addition, saying:

Throdwn had a great inaugural year in 2017, with some incredible moments under the tent and on the track. For 2018, we’re excited to welcome Dani George to the team. Dani represents her sponsors and the sport professionally, and has thousands of dedicated fans around the world.

Dani’s performance on the track earned her a spot on the USA Cycling “National Team” for 2018, and we are very excited to be part of her success in the new year.

—Charlie Jahnke

Dani is obviously one of the top female pro racers in the current scene. I am looking forward to having her on the Throdwn team, and giving her the support she needs to have big success in 2018.

The entire Throdwn family welcomes her to the tent. It’s going to be a great year.

—Jim Buchanan

Dani is definitely someone with a winning style on the track, and a winning smile off the track—always willing to talk to up & coming riders and fans of all ages.

Keep an eye on News for first-photos of her fresh new Throdwn race ride, as soon as they are available.

A *BIG* BMX News congrats to Dani and Throdwn for puttin things together.