Replay: Cafe Willoughby Holeshot Challenge

November 6, 2017 by  

Cafe Willoughby Holeshot Challenge Replay
A great event tonight at Chula Vista BMX for the Cafe Willoughby Holeshot Challenge. The live stream had 1.6K viewers or so at the high, and sustained over 1,000 viewers over the two-hour show.

The on-site program went off without a hitch, albeit with a few technical difficulties on the video feed; one of which was in the all-important main event, where the home viewers did not see the race. That was quickly remedied, with a replay for the fans to see the final head-to-head round.

We are not going to disclose the results, so those of you who have not been on social media can have the full-experience.

Watch the replay of the live show:

Big props to Sam, Tyler and all the people who made the event happen. We’re sure that a lively discussion will be had in the coming days on this as a go-forward format for Pro BMX Racing.