Liam Phillips Announces Retirement

November 22, 2017 by  

Liam Phillips Retires

It was May 4, 2011 when BMX News last reported Liam Phillips was retiring from BMX. At the time, his plan was to pursue a career in track cycling, ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. That retirement lasted about five months when, on October 24, we ran a story announcing his return to the track.

Since then, Liam has had some pretty bad luck, injury wise, but has fit a world championship title and two world cup titles into the time between recovery stints and physical therapy appointments.

Historically, we have not seen Liam on the USA BMX circuit in the same way we see stars from countries like France and Australia. Liam has been mostly a UCI circuit rider, racing four or five times a year, but did come to the US early in 2017, with eyes on expanding his race calendar a bit.

That plan did not last long, as a wrist and hand injury suffered in Oldsmar would ultimately prove to be career-ending, after a reported three attempts to repair the damage surgically.

Liam was named to the UCI BMX Athlete Commission in August of this year, and is said to be ramping-up a coaching business, to help up & coming BMXers make their dreams come true.

He said, in a statement: “If I’m no longer able to compete myself, it feels right for me to assist others in their quest to achieve their goals.”

On the day-to-day, he will be running the coffee shop he and girlfriend, Jess Varnish, opened recently in Altrincham, outside the cycling center of Manchester, and about 200 miles northwest of London.

We wish him all the best in his retirement, and look forward to seeing him coaching some new talent very soon.

—Mike Carruth