Lead Racewear Adds US Distributor

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Lead Racewear Adds US Distributor

The BMX racing pants market in the US is dominated by two or three players: Fly, TLD and ANSR chiefly, with a handful of others in the mix.

Within calendar 2017, Lead Racewear was added to the BMX News “watchlist” of pants brands circling the US market, waiting for an opportunity to land.

Lead (as in “Lead rider,” as opposed to the heavy metal) comes out of France, and is the creation of Loic Caron, founder of “Custom Racing,” which manufactures custom jerseys and other pitwear.

One of the US brands that Custom Racing makes jerseys for is Factory THRODWN. Over the course of the 2017 season, the two brand honchos got to talking about bringing Lead Racewear to the US. And here we are.

Lead has three styles (black with white PVC logos (above), black with flo-yellow PVC logos, and red sublimated, shown below).

Youth sizes from 20-30 and adult sizes from 28-40 will be available in the US, and on display at the USA BMX Grand National later this month.

THRODWN owner, Charlie Jahnke told News:

The Lead Racewear pants are top quality, and a great value for the money. Before we made the decision to be their US distributor, we had some of the THRODWN riders test them out for a couple months. They held up well to everything our guys put them through.

We are excited to partner with Custom Racing to bring Lead Racewear to the US market.

The line will be on display at the Throdwn pit at the Grands, and will be for sale to US consumers in time for Christmas.

Visit the link below to receive a notification once the product is on sale in the US.


Lead Racewear USA

Lead Racewear Adds US Distributor