Yess BMX Adds Taper to Fork Line

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Yess BMX Reach Taper Fork

Yess BMX has been gradually, but gainfully, coming through the pack of top fork brands on the market. Whether you’re a connoisseur of carbon or a “steel is real,” you may-just want to take a look at what Yess BMX is offering up-front.

Their aluminum fork is one of the lightest out there, and has been available in nine sizes, from 18” micro to pro 24” in 20mm.

Today, News is pleased to bring you the scoop on two new models joining the Yess BMX fork line. A pro-sized aluminum fork with a Tapered steer tube.

Along with the joyous addition to the fork family, Yess BMX honcho, Renny Husada tells News that the fork line has also been re-branded as the “Reach” Fork. Here’s what he told us in an exclusive statement.

We are very excited to release the tapered fork to the public. After some serious on-track testing, it’s ready for the world. With the flexibility we have in running fabrication in-house, we can cater to pretty-much every BMXer, with the full-spectrum of sizes. This is the next logical extension.

The entire line of Yess BMX forks will now be known as the “Reach” Fork.

If you have a set with the Yess BMX logo on them, and want a free “Reach” decal kit, please send us a photo of your fork, as well as proof of purchase and your address to

Across the line, we offer Matte Black and Matte Silver as standard finishes, but custom colors are available.

Western Powersports will be receiving their shipment of the new pro taper model this week.

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Here are the specifics on the full line of Yess BMX Reach forks

Micro 18″ – 13.1oz – MSRP: $180
Mini 20″ – 14.8oz – MSRP: $180
MIni 24″ – 15.4oz – MSRP: $180
Expert 20″ – 1lb – MSRP: $180
Expert 24″ – 1lb 0.6oz – MSRP: $180
Pro 20″ 10mm – 1lb 6.2oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 24″ 10mm – 1lb 8oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 20″ 20mm – 1lb 6.4oz – MSRP: $200
Pro 24″ 20mm – 1lb 8.3oz – MSRP: $200
Pro Taper 20″ (20mm only) – 1lb 7.1oz – MSRP: $225
Pro Taper 24″ (20mm only) – 1lb 8.9oz – MSRP: $225

*Weights are based on the raw fork. Powder and top cap will add a bit to the above numbers. 20mm forks will adapters will also be additional.

The Reach fork cuts a nice jib for the profile of your race ride. It has the looks, lightweight and fabulous finish. Check out the links below for some of the in-stock models at J&R.


Yess “Reach” Forks at J&R Bicycles

Yess BMX Reach Taper Fork