USA BMX Releases Full 2018 Schedule

October 26, 2017 by  

USA BMX 2018 National Schedule Announced

On September 29, News reported the first 13 USA BMX national races for 2018, with the promise we would update you with the balance of the schedule, once it was available.

Well, on Thursday, the remaining dates were revealed (all-but-one of the locations were announced as well).

Here are a few observations (in no particular order):

* The biggest comment-getter on the Internet in the hours after the schedule was released is the absence of South Park on the schedule. The Stars & Stripes Nationals will be held in Pottstown, PA on July 6-8 (a three-day race).

* There is a “TBA” October 19-21—which helps some of those who did not get a race at their preferred track or region feel that all hope is not-yet lost (South Park in mid-October though? Probably not).

* All observations are based on the races stated on the schedule—meaning the “TBA” race could be a three-day Pro race at an SX track, and it would, naturally, change these observations.

* National BMX Racing returns to Northern California, and Roseville BMX.

* There are NINE three-day races in 2018.

* The President’s Cup is part of the season-opener Silver Dollar Nationals in Las Vegas (Jan 12-14).

* We’ll be back in Minnesota in the new year, but at Alise Post’s home track, Pineview Park BMX, on July 20-22. Oh, and as might be expected, it’s a Pro Series race!

* Rockford gets its Pro Series race back in 2018 (June 15-17).

* The Pro Series will be 10 races, plus the Grands.

* The North American Supercross Series will be four races (Oldsmar, Rock Hill, Louisville and new-to-the-series for 2018, is Sarasota).

* There is one weekend (June 22-24) which has two nationals scheduled (Roseville and the East Coast Nationals in Trumbull, CT). That is roughly the same weekend on which the double weekend occurred in 2017.

* Ohio gets a national for 2018, with a stop at Speedway BMX in Toledo (get your long-track endurance dialed-in for this one).

* All-told, there are 58 days of national racing on the schedule (since you can only do one of the June 22-24 dates, and assuming the TBA is two days)—plus the ROC and the Grands.

* 2018 Team USA World Championship qualifiers are in Phoenix and Oldsmar in February. The 2018 UCI BMX Worlds are June 5-9 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

* USA Cycling BMX Elite Championships will be March 31 in Rock Hill.

If we were excied by the schedule appetizer last month, the full meal is even-moreso. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out there in 2018. Download the full-schedule PDF, using the link below.

—Mike Carruth


Download 2018 USA BMX National Schedule (PDF)

USA BMX 2018 National Schedule Announced