Strider Releases “Convertible” Model

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Strider Model 14x Convertible
If you have had your ears-on in the BMX Racing world at all for the past seven years or so, you know that Strider-brand bikes have revolutionized the way the five-and-under set gets on two wheels.

Ask any track operator, and they’ll tell you that the Strider program at their track is a blessing beyond description, as younger brothers and sisters of BMXers get to ride, just like their big bro or big sis. And those young Strider-riders eventually show up in the gate, as 5-under racers, confident, and ready for berm warfare.

Over time, and away from the BMX track, Strider founder, Ryan McFarland, and his team in Rapid City, South Dakota have continued to innovate the product line, and found a central place in the lives of special needs kids and their parents, many of whom have been told by doctors and therapists for years “s/he’ll never ride a bike.” But now, thanks to the work of Ryan and his crew, they can, and do.

This week, the Strider product line makes another stride of innovation, as they announce their “14x Sport.” It’s a “convertible” model, which bridges the gap between a pure balance bike, and the smallest of pedal bikes.

Through a release, Ryan told News:

We’ve established that training wheels and tricycles are obsolete. Balance bikes are the best way to train our children how to ride.

We’ve brought the entire learn-to-ride process together into one amazing bike.

The Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike with the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit is the only bike you will need to help your child ride with instant success.

The 14x is proof that a child, no matter their experience level, can ride a bike in no time and achieve this life-changing milestone.

Here’s a video of how the 14x makes its transformation from “balance bike mode” to “pedal bike mode.”

THAT is pretty-slick, indeed! And, if you’re someone who appreciates solid engineering and creative product design, take a look at the following video, which shows the actual unboxing of the “Easy-Ride Pedal Kit” assembly, and the ease of making the conversion.

The 14x Sport is intended for riders 3-7 years of age, with a 16-23” inseam. You’d have to be BMX-blind not to see the direct-progression potential from the 14x bike in the driveway to the 5n rider in the gate.

It’s available now on the website for $209.99 (link below), if you have a youngin’ who is ready to get going on two wheels, or a track-full of baby bros and sistas sitting on the sidelines, now’s the time! It’s the most fun they’ll have driving a convertible for at least the next dozen years or so. #StrideOn


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Strider Model 14x Convertible