Lance Maguire Joins USA BMX Staff

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Lance Maguire Joins USA BMX Staff
One thing BMXers could use, about as much as 300 days of guaranteed sunshine, is more tracks from sea to shining sea. It’s a tough sell, indeed, to get a new BMX family to drive “to another state” just to race bikes—even if it is only 30 miles away.

And established BMXers need some closer spots to strengthen their commitment to local racing.

USA BMX has taken a step in the direction of expanding the BMX flock today, with the addition of Lance Maguire to a staff-level role, responsible for track development.

Most of you already know Lance, of course; he is the guy who, along with his DirtTrendz crew, build and rebuild many of the tracks in the USA BMX system.

We were fortunate enough to welcome the guys to our local track— Imagination Glen BMX in Indiana last Spring. The rebuild turned out great, making it approachable for beginners, and fun for experienced hotshoes alike.

We also see him rockin the mic at some of the USA BMX Nationals each year. As a long-time track operator in the Pacific Northwest, he can cover all the positions on the field.

In a release, Lance said the following about his new role:

I have prided myself on being a foundation and house-builder in more ways than one.

Creating strong foundations for BMX communities is no different, and it is always a priority when building tracks to give people the opportunity to start down the right path, or track!

Now with USA BMX, I will collaborate on the same mission of building up the grassroots level of our sport on the best tracks we can build.

DirtTrendz Crew with Donny Robinson

Lance Maguire (Left), along with Dustin Golden (Far Right) and Dustin Maguire of DirtTrendz end a day of pushin dirt around at North Bay BMX with Donny Robinson, Summer 2017.

It wasn’t clear in the USA BMX release if Lance would be giving up his role at DirtTrendz, or would be operating in a dual capacity. Either way, there’s little doubt that the team of Dustin and Dustin (above) won’t be dozing as they keep the dozers rollin.

Congrats to Lance on his new gig. Now go get those new tracks, my man!

—Mike Carruth

Top Photo: Lance Maguire atop the starting hill at the USA BMX Grand National. Photo courtesy of USA BMX.