2017 Golden Crank Award Elevator Pitches

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2017 Golden Crank Awards Elevator Pitches

If you have ever watched the hit TV series “Shark Tank” you have a pretty good idea what an “elevator pitch” is. If not, we can tell you that it is an entrepreneurial method to condense the most important parts of your story down to the very-brief time it would take to explain in an elevator ride.

SCENARIO: You just walked into an elevator with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. After a second or two of awkward silence, Bill asks you “So, what’s your company all about?”

THIS is your chance! A few precious moments to tell two of the most important investors in the world what your company or cause is all about, hoping to spark some interest, and open the golden door.

If you did it right, one or both will say “Interesting! Got a card? Let’s set up a meeting to hear more.”

In a BMX context, with 2017 USA BMX Golden Crank Award Voting in full-swing, BMX News decided to invite a list of contenders to give you, the Golden Crank voters, THEIR respective elevator pitches on why you should vote for them in one or more categories.

We invited 12 brands to participate, and the following eight sent in their replies.

Here is what they said:

Vote Answer/Rennen in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
We (Answer/Rennen) would appreciate it if the BMX race community would vote for our team for 2017 Golden Crank Team of the Year. The riders on this team epitomize what hard work will get you. Our team is comprised of a incredible group of guys/girls who serve as great role models in the bmx community. Answer/Rennen is your reigning 2016 USA BMX factory team champions and we are poised to defend that title Sunday evening in Tulsa.

Answer/Rennen is backed by an incredible group of sponsors and your vote helps us legitimize their contributions to our program. Without our sponsors and support of the fans we would not be able to do what we do best and that’s win races. In the last 6 years Answer/Rennen has won a total of 59 races to date, we also have 142 podium finishes out of a total of 194 races entered.

We also have an 2013 Am Cruiser Title, 2016 AM Girl title, 2013/14 Golden Crank and the 2016 Factory team title along with numerous NAG 1 accomplishments by our incredibly talented group of kids.

Your vote for 2017 golden crank team of the year would mean a lot to us. We thank you for the support.


BOX Components
Vote BOX Components in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
Dear Voter,

We would like to humbly submit BOX Components for your consideration as you’re casting your valuable vote for the Golden Cranks Awards. We would like to use the company name as our pitch to you:

“B” We are BOLD! Instead of following the status quo, slapping our logo on anything and calling it a day. We have made a Bold Statement to enhance, make BMX Products with a purpose, relevance and are performance driven.

“O” We seek OPPORTUNITIES! We have a team of In-House Engineers that design and prototype off our 3-D Printer. We then use one of our CNC machines or Lathe to make a working sample for field testing. Once signed off, we go into production. We seek that opportunity to make great products better!

“X” We are the X-Factor! Without people, ideas and companies pushing the BMX envelope we become stagnant. Our Products: 30mm/ 35mm Cranks, 3-D Number plates, X Series Carbon Forks, Oversized Stems/Bars, 20mm/10mm Fork Adapter, Performance drive race tires…WE ARE THE X-FACTOR, that lead the marketplace and spurs other BMX Companies to develop and push outside their comfort zone.

In closing, dear voter, please consider what Box brings to the table helping progress the sport into the future and the investment we have made into our product line to make YOU a better, faster and smarter race.

We humbly ask for your show of confidence in us and our commitment to the Sport!



Vote DK BMX in 2017 Golden Crank Awards

DK began back in 1979 as a garage brand building better BMX stems. From the very start DK Products were tested and perfected on BMX tracks. We still do it the same way today. Our team of DK factory riders includes an accomplished crew of incredible talent that puts DK products to the test. From the pits to the podium, pick your favorite rider and vote DK!

Barry Nobles, Caroline Buchanan, Tommy Zula, Bodi Turner, Collin Hudson, Heather Munive, Carly Kane.

A sincere thanks to our team and to every rider out there that races a DK!

Ssquared Bicycles
Vote Ssquared in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
Ssquared Bicycles would like to thank each and every individual that participates at USA BMX events. Without the membership support that USA BMX receives, we would not be able to provide products to the riders.

That said, we would greatly appreciate YOUR vote for the 2017 Golden Crank Award for Bike of the Year.

We help support dozens of teams and countless riders around the United States and the rest of the world, so please vote for the Ssquared-supported team that you feel deserves the Golden Crank in that category.

We do our best to raise the bar for not only quality products, but customer service as well. If we haven’t had the opportunity to serve you, we hope to have that opportunity in the future.

Best of luck for the remainder of the 2017 race year. We hope you stop by our pits in Tulsa.


Vote Staats in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
As STAATS BMX continues to grow, we remain committed to the development of the strongest, lightest and best BMX frame possible. We plan to be an active part of the BMX race community and are always striving to expand and improve our existing line. Look for exciting and innovative ideas from Staats BMX in the future!

Every high end BMX brand should be represented by a world class rider. We were impressed with Elliot McGrath from the very beginning, both on and off the track. He is a “heart of gold” type of guy who loves working with younger riders, coaching and encouraging them in their racing.

On the track, he shows a lot of promise and he will take his Elite Camp program to new levels now that he has some solid factory support. We could not be happier about our partnership with him; he is exactly the kind of person we want representing Staats and Ciari.


Supercross BMX
Vote Supercross in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
Hi, I’m Annabella Hammonds, 12G & World 3 and I been riding for Factory Supercross BMX for three years.

Supercross owner Bill Ryan asked me to talk about my team and bike, and why you should vote for Supercross for Golden Crank Team of the Year, Bike of the Year, and for Anthony Dean, Maris Strombergs or Rachel Mydock for Pro of the Year.

The Supercross Family includes Justin, Wyatt, Riley, Kim, Randy, KJ, Tim, Swifty, Kalvin, George & Bubba. A bunch of rad people I am proud to call my teammates. Talented & fun, they are my BMX family, and we have so much fun representing the best brand in BMX. We call it the Supercross “Family” for a reason, that’s why you should vote for us.

Our Elite men, Anthony Dean and Maris Strombergs are so boss! Follow Anthony on IG; his edits are crazy, and Maris is the GOAT for sure. Rachel Mydock is our Elite Woman, she’s my sister-from-another-mister, and she’s one of the most talented chicks around.

Our frames are the best in the world. Whether you ride the Carbon ENVY BLK or Aluminum Envy V5 or the New RS7, you know Supercross uses the best materials and quality craftsmanship that only close to 30 years of BMX manufacturing experience can offer. So please, when it comes time to vote, please cast your vote for Supercross BMX for Golden Crank Bike, Team and Pro of the Year!


Vote Throdwn in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
2017 was the first year for Factory Throdwn, and it’s been an action-packed season, with plenty still to go.

The Throdwn aluminum frame line has been a big hit with riders here in the states and around the world. Our factory riders are always asked “how do you like the new bike?” “Here, give it a try, yourself,” is how our guys usually answer.

In the spring, we ran the Throdwn “Factory for a Weekend” contest to encourage riders to promote their local racing scene. The videos received nearly 200,000 views, and helped to spread the word about BMX at the local level. We race a lot of nationals, but when we’re not on the road, our team is at the local track.

Stop by our pit at the Grands to see some of the new stuff we have going on for 2018. Before that, please vote for Factory Throdwn for Golden Crank Team of the Year, Throdwn as Golden Crank Bike of the Year, and Tyler Whitfield for Golden Crank Pro Of The Year.


Yess BMX
Vote Yess BMX in 2017 Golden Crank Awards
Rookie Pro of the Year
Cameron Moore came to Yess BMX in his first year in the A pro class and quickly became the current points leader. Known for not only his skill but also his contributions to run clinics and spread his knowledge and experience.

Heather Collman is from the Rockford area but is currently in her last year at Lindsey Wilson. Next year she will take the next step toward her doctorate. Heather is as fast as she is smart finding herself on the podium.

Bike of the Year
Yess BMX has been in the bicycle building business for over 23 years. We make our frames and forks in-house and stand behind every product we make. We pride ourselves in the true craftsmanship that goes into making each bike as well as not being afraid to evolve the sport through innovation.

Team of the Year
YessBMX is team. We have riders of all proficiencies, from many different cultures, located all over the world, gathered together for BMX. Team YESS! We pit together, we celebrate together, and we support each other through and through under one brand.

Pro of the Year
Yess supports many pros all over the world. In Canada we have; James Palmer, Drew Mechielson, Aiden Webber, and Alex Tougas. In America; Cameron Moore, Heather Collman, and Amanda Geving. Any Yess Bmx pro you vote for stands for the ideals that Yess holds close; Be a good person, do your best, make friends, go home happy.

Wow! There is a body of passionate, compelling pitches here. I am glad we did this feature, and hope it has helped you in your decision. Voting closes on November 5, but if you have the info you need, go and vote now.

Golden Crank Award voting is open to active USA BMX members, and you must have your serial number ready to enter as you cast your vote.


2017 USA BMX Golden Crank Voting

Top Photo by Fiona and Jordan Carruth