Wisconsin State Final Pro-Am

September 18, 2017 by  

Kenneth Gustafson at the Wisconsin State Championships Pro-Am
By Scott Gansen
The Wisconsin state final Pro-Am was nothing-short of amazing. From the riders that made the trip out to a track they had never been to before to the ones that have come every year as the payout gets larger the track thanks each and every one of you.

The day started like most big races lately, with a rain delay. Once the rain stopped, the racing surface dried up and held up to everything the riders could throw at it.

The Women’s Pro-Am main was led, start to finish, by Felicia Stancil with some of the nation’s fastest young ladies trying to reel her in. Local riders Destiny Wehman (16) and Ali Moberg (15) rode their way into the main event. What a treat to have this many of the nation’s fastest ladies with the National #1 Amateur, Elida Beeman tearing it up in this exceptional class.

The day was made when Paige Hauser got Felicia’s Answer holeshot check signed, it was all smiles for there-on.

The Men’s Pro Am started with some of the fastest in the nation giving it their best and the crowd loved every second of it. Local riders Nathan Davids 15x, Foster Chadek A pro, and Justin Gadtke Schwartz 22 all making their semi mains but coming up a little short of the main event. The main was everything that it was hoped to be.

Tyler Brown had the pop out of the gate and Kenneth Gustafson, Gustafson grabbing the Answer Holeshot award by what looked to be about 4-6”.

Brown with the inside position in the first corner is out in front but a little bonk in the second straight allowed Kenny G to take the lead going into the second corner. Tyler Faoro threw his ride into the mix into corner 3 but ran out of real estate and back to the line With Kenny G taking the win with a whole bunch of Tylers running 2,3 and 4.

Here’s the video of the Mens Main Event:

Wisconsin State Championships Pro-Am


Kenneth Gustafson – $2,800 + $500 holeshot
Tyler Brown – $1803
Tyler Faoro – $1303
Tyler Whitfield – $1053
Justin Richmond – $778
Elliot McGrath – $653
Olijuwon Davis – $558
Layne Gainer – $403

Felicia Stancil – $540 plus $250 holeshot
Stephani Morin – $365
Elida Beeman – $275
Adrian Sanders – $230
Nicole Glowaty – $185
Ali Moberg – $165
Destiny Wehman – $135
Sabrina Bice – $115

Editor’s Note
Thanks to Scott Gansen for keeping us up to date on all that was happening with the Pro-Am in the weeks leading-up to the big day. And a BIG BMX News congrats to the Wisconsin State Championship crew for pulling off an awesome race, both for the pro-am riders, and all the plate chasers who got it done.