Donny Does Nickelodeon Day of Play in NYC

September 20, 2017 by  

Donny and Tiffany Robinson at Nickelodeon Day of Play/NYC

By Donny Robinson
For over a decade, Nickelodeon has hosted targeted events all over the US, that help encourage kids and parents to turn off the TV and play, specifically, outdoors. By offering a slew of activities (such as bicycle riding, baseball, basketball, football & soccer, to name a few) kids are able to partake in “real-life” video games that offer friendships, as well as many life-building lessons.

The culminating gathering of the year-long push to promote healthier lifestyles is always one not to be missed, as Nickelodeon pulls out all the stops, inviting popular Nick stars and sports icons to liven up the atmosphere. Did I mention you can even get “slimed?!” Yes, there’s not many better sights than seeing hundreds of kids and their parents enjoying an afternoon of family fun.

Held at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY for the second year in a row, the 2017 installment of the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play was an extra-awesome experience for me, as USA BMX once again partnered with Nickelodeon to offer the youngsters in the audience the chance to get aboard a Strider Bike on a very-cool, custom course. I attended the event last year with my sidekick (and USA BMX Foundation Director, Mike DuVarney). This year, I was with my wife, Tiffany, for the trip, and we set-about the mission of getting the youngest New Yorkers on bikes!

Strider Bikes at 2017 Day of Play/NYC

This day must be on any kid’s wish list, as the center of the park becomes home to setups from the likes of MLB, NFL, MLS, NBA and ABA (yes, the American Bicycle Association) – how could anybody not get jazzed on going from booth-to-booth, collecting swag and trying their hand at finding their passion? And, in between swinging, pedaling and kicking, participants can jump in on bounce houses, get “slimed” or take a refreshing break at the “Milk It!” tent.

Tiffany and I were stationed at the USA BMX booth for the day, which just happened to be next to MLB and the “sliming station,” so you can imagine the foot traffic we got. Because all of the setups had a size restrictions, the course we provided became strictly for those ages 4–under and utilized the ever-popular Strider brand of push-bikes, on a wooden layout that went together like a puzzle piece – which worked out well for the younger crowd who could not take part in the other activities.

Only being interrupted for a moment by a camera crew who was looking to get some clips with me that might entice kids to get on their bicycles at home, the day was a non-stop ride, as we worked to activate families around the push-bike, in hopes that one day soon, they might develop the love for two wheels and find their way out to a BMX track.

Many thanks to USA BMX for allowing me the opportunity and to Nickelodeon for being such an amazing partner, pushing a great cause.


Strider Bikes at 2017 Day of Play/NYC