The Key Element For Main Makers

August 31, 2017 by  

2018 Chase Element Complete
For 2018, BMX Racing Group has unearthed the essential Element for your new-year success (with bonus success for the balance of 2017, if you act now). The 2018 Chase BMX Element Complete is a ready-to-race, beautifully-spec’d scoot for anyone who gives a hoot about quality. It’s all there, in black & white.

As we take a walk-around of the new Pro model (above), we see all-manner of name-brand components. Answer Dagger carbon forks, Tioga tires, Sun rims, Shimano brakes, KMC chain, FSA headset, Elevn saddle, among others. Oh, and Schrader valves on the bigger rides! Yeah, it’s a small detail…but we like it very much, since we lost all five of the Presta adapters in the office.

There’s a special-something going on here, and we’re confident you’ll see it too.

If you’re looking for an up-market, main-making machine, this is the one you should be looking at.

Five sizes available:
Pro XL
All priced at $1099.95

BUT, with the exclusive J&R Product Spotlight discount code, your out-the-door price is $934.

Check the links below for full specs on all-five.


2018 Chase Element Expert Complete

2018 Chase Element Pro Complete

2018 Chase Element Pro XL Complete

2018 Chase Element Pro XXL Complete

2018 Chase Element Cruiser Complete

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