DK Golf Travel Bag

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DK Golf Travel Bag
Travel bag inequality on the airlines dates-back, practically to the Wright brothers. Bicycle boxes and even purpose-made travel bags are slapped with a fat fee of $100 or more, each way, while basically-the-same-size-and-weight golf bags sail through, fee-free. But why?

Well, probably because the well-heeled business travelers airlines covet the most are golfers, and bring their clubs to cut deals for big green, on the green. Meanwhile (in airline thinking) bikes mostly accompany “leisure” travelers, and we can be shoveled-around a bit easier than the CEO hell-bent on hitting a few.

Borrowing from our Wright bros. reference above, another family bike business from Dayton, OH has the air travel of your trusty BMX steed well-in-hand.

DK Bicycles’ wildly-popular travel bag is dressed-up in the respectable cloak of a golf bag, complete with embroidered “DK Golf” monogram to give you instant, just-off-the-links cred with skycaps, counter clerks and any other pre-flight fee seekers.

The bags have been sold out, globally, for a good-long while, but they’re back in stock at J&R now, in four colorways, to suit your on-the-course game (just don’t tell ‘em it’s the RACE course).

Features include; padded side pocket, wheels for easy-rolling, carry and pull straps, inner tie-down straps and a protective plastic back.

DK has designed and tested the bag to fit all 20” and most 24” bikes.

These sell out every time they are in stock, so order now, and pay for it in one round trip of fee-free flying.

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“DK Golf” Travel Bag

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DK Golf Travel Bag