Box Components Acquires Stealth Hubs

August 28, 2017 by  

Box Components Acquires Stealth Hubs

A bit of breaking industry news this Monday Morning. In a story that proves the old maxim “a rumor is just a premature fact,” Box Components will acquire the Stealth hub product line from Goleta, California-based True Precision Components.

The terms of the deal were not announced, but of the acquisition, Toby Henderson said, in an article carried on MTB site, PinkBike this morning:

We recognize the advantages the Stealth hub provides, such as instant engagement, silent coasting, and durability. With this acquisition, we’re well positioned to accelerate the expansion of this technology into our ever-growing drivetrain ecosystem. In other words, expect more from Box in the future as far as wheels and drivetrain components go.

BMX News will bring you more on Toby’s plans for the Stealth brand and product line going forward.

—Mike Carruth


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