2017 Grands Entry Fees Skyrocket. Or Do They?

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2017 Grands Entry Fees
BMXers woke up to a Tuesday morning in full social media meltdown over entry fees at the upcoming 2017 USA BMX Grand National. Post, after post, after post had the same screenshot from the USABMX.COM (mobile) pre-registration site, along with all-manner of “angry” emoticons, all-caps-jabs, and the foretelling of a BMX apocalypse, the likes of which the world has never known.

The 2016 fee was $80, and you got a $20 discount if you used the “Stay to Save” hotel booking platform. So $60 for those folks. This, according to USA BMX, directly.

The non-discounted entry fee is now $100 for the 2017 Grands, BUT there is a discounted entry fee of $60 (same as last year’s discounted entry fee) if you book your room through the USA BMX “Stay to Save” platform ( So, for those who do not use “Stay to Save,” it’s a $20 increase over last year.

Editor’s note: Our own (mistaken) impression was that the 2016 entry fee was $65 with a $5 discount. Perhaps people think this is a $35 increase, instead of $20?

That said, if you’ve been around BMX for more than a couple weeks, you already know the next sentence. Most people took the screenshot with the non-discounted fees, and posted it up everywhere as the new fee, with no mention of the discount, or surrounding circumstances. Just “**$100!!??**” Social media sticker shock ensued, and everyone with a membership card or two in their wallet, and a “cannot attend” family-Thanksgiving invite on their fridge, lost their collective minds.

It bears noting that up to FOUR people sharing a room may use the coupon code to reduce their entry fees.

This new, moderately-higher, base entry fee will likely have two effects on the Grands:

1). More people using rooms officially blocked-out by USA BMX, giving BMX more credit for the bookings we bring to Tulsa (directly-tying BMX to these bookings, instead of second-hand).

2). It will likely thin the ever-higher moto count of the race. On the surface, that may seem like a bad thing—until you consider that the race really can’t GET much bigger, and still run in a day-and-a-half format (leaving room for the Pro Spectacular on Saturday Night). How, on Earth, do they do it, as is?

Everyone spends time after each Grands talking about how to fit the same-or-bigger race into the same time. Well, here is one way nobody really came up with in the threads.

News reached out to USA BMX Chief Operating Officer, John David, for a comment on the change. Here’s what he said:

We certainly understand for some this will be an increase. However, any rider who preregisters and utilizes the “Stay to Save” program will pay the same entry fee as the past several years.

Utilizing the “Stay to Save” program also promotes hotels who support BMX while also supporting the City of Tulsa, who is fully committed to our sport.

Cost increases are never easy and we take a tremendous amount of consideration before ever passing along increases to our customers. Unfortunately, as we are all experiencing in our everyday lives, the cost of just about everything has increased.

When considering where the increase would be applied, we took great effort to structure it in a way which would impact the fewest people, while also allowing customers the opportunity to avoid the increase entirely.

We also asked JD if this policy will carry-over into 2018 (higher base entry fees, but the same as 2017, if booking via “Stay To Save”). He said:

Should there be any increase, the base preregistration entry fee for those utilizing the “Stay to Save” program would remain the same. Again, giving people the opportunity to avoid the increase while also promoting supporting hotels and the cities committed to BMX. However, we have yet to analyze the entry fees for 2018 and do not anticipate an increase.

News will bring you more on this, as necessary. Only 87 days til Saturday of the 2017 Grands drops the first gate. Will you be dropping the extra $20 to be in staging? Tell us in the comments.

—Mike Carruth


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