Los Angeles and Paris Guaranteed for ’24 or ’28?

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Los Angeles and paris may have guaranteed 2024/2028

Back on September 26, 2016, BMX News reported that Long Beach had been selected as the location for BMX Racing for the 2024 Summer Games, IF the games were awarded to Los Angeles—a decision that is/was expected in September of this year.

On Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee did something they have never done before—announced the prospect of awarding two Summer Games host cities in one announcement.

This means that Los Angeles and Paris would be guaranteed the 2024 or 2028 Summer Games—and it is up to both cities to resolve, among themselves, which city will host first.

Like most things Olympic, nothing is ever completely straightforward, and there’s always a twist of intrigue folded in to the mix.

Word is that if the cities cannot resolve the question of who will host first, it will go back to the IOC to decide in September, at which time the 2028 games could be open to other bidders, thus removing the guarantee both cities now enjoy. A classic “bird in the hand” proposition.

This rare situation of only two active bidders was created by the withdrawal of Budapest, Hungary as a candidate city in February of this year.

It’s no secret that hosting the Games is no-longer the financial boon it is cracked up to be, with the costs now SO large, that it is all-but mathematically impossible for a city to recoup the multibillion dollar investment.

“For a city and country to host the games is a huge undertaking and one of the most costly and financially risky megaprojects they can undertake.” — Bent Flyvbjerg of Oxford University to CNN

The image of the Olympic Games, as a business enterprise, has been tarnished in a fairly-major way in recent years. Vendors who provided services to Rio 2016 are still owed tens of millions of dollars (some right here in River City, the BMX industry).

The IOC has declined to help the Rio Organizing Committee settle the USD$40 million in outstanding debts arising from the games.

Nearly all the Rio 2016 venues have been on the fast-track to abandonment and disrepair, practically since the day the spectators left the building.

If it sounds like we’re editorializing a bit here, I guess we are. We are all-for the competition and international friendship aspect of the games—unquestionably the pinnacle of sport.

When it became hyper-commercial, the very spirit of the games was compromised by the financial requirements of the bid process (to say nothing of what happens thereafter) and the unpaid debt left in the wake of the Rio Games.

The decision on 2024 and 2028 will be ratified September 13, 2017 in Lima Peru.

So, if it were up to you, which would you choose if you were Los Angeles? Hosting sooner, in 2024, or having an extra four years to prepare and host in 2028? Sound off in the comments.

—Mike Carruth


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