Kevin Pauls Signs With Newly-Reincarnated Formula

July 14, 2017 by  

Kevin Pauls joins Formula Factory Team
If you are a News fan, you know we have been following Kevin Pauls and his 2017 program pretty closely. After a brief stop in the Supercross team pit, Kevin moved to a jersey promoting his own “KEEV” line of products (BMX News March 28, 2017).

Within hours of that announcement, Kevin sustained an injury at the Carolina Nationals in Rock Hill that sidelined him for a few weeks. That’s all behind him now and, as the Las Vegas Nationals get started out-west, Kevin gave us an early peek at the new sponsor deal he will announce on Saturdasy.

Formula BMX is a brand that dropped off the radar more than a few years ago. There is no consensus around the office on a “last-seen” date, but it feels like it was 2010 or 2011 (again, we could be wrong about that, especially if you factor-in outside the US markets, but that is our best guess).

No matter. Formula is back for the modern era, under the command of John Chou—a name you may not recognize, but someone who is a major behind-the-scenes industry figure.

Both Kevin and John spoke to News exclusively about their new partnership. First, Kevin:

In 2009, about a year after I started racing, my dad purchased my first custom BMX bike: a Formula Nucleus. Knowing that Donny Robinson was previously on a Formula frame, I thought it was the coolest frame on the market, and I wasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately, only a couple years later, Formula seemed to disappear from the world of BMX. And that’s how it was for several more years, until now.

Fast-forward to 2017 after riding for Factory Mom and Dad under my “KEEV Products” name for the past three months. While chilling at the hotel after a long day of racing, I received a message from John Chou at Formula BMX. I couldn’t have been more surprised at seeing that same brand name reaching out to me as the one that I had idolized way back in 2009. Learning that this was to be a solid revival of Formula from years before, I couldn’t have been more honored to secure a spot on the new Formula International Factory Team as the first rider from the United States.

I’d like to thank John Chou for giving me such an opportunity as this to wear the orange and black colors of Formula BMX. Make sure to keep an eye out for when I test new Formula parts on my bike, and follow @formulabmx on Instagram for updates on the team and future products. The Formula brand was great in the past, but I believe that this revival will only make it more prominent in the BMX world than ever before

—Kevin Pauls

Is Formula BMX REALLY coming back?! Well, comeback stories are always nice and fuzzy to hear about, but what this really is about, is a NEW beginning. Formula BMX started out 12 years ago with a simple purpose and pure passion. And while it may seem that for a time, under the previous regime, that we had lost our way, Formula is on a mission to bring back what is really important to the sport we love and live. It is the sport that brings the kids, their family, and their love of riding into one ultimate life experience.

As the cliché goes, action speaks louder than words, so starting in 2017, Formula BMX has quietly yet aggressively put together a core of the best young and bright stars across the world to represent our brand and our mission.

In the United States, where the stars shine the brightest, we are so stoked to be able to bring on board one of the best young riders in the world – Kevin Pauls. Not only is he talented and super fast, he’s a wonderful role model to young riders, carries awesome academic prowess, and his family has always been there 100% – now if that’s not the best rep for Formula in the US, I don’t know who is.

So Formula BMX is extremely proud to officially announce that Kevin will be a part of the Formula International Factory Team, and we are totally excited to be able to work with him on all aspects, from race support to product development for years to come. Welcome to the Formula family Kevin!!

—John Chou

If you’re in Vegas this weekend, you’ll be among the first to see KP rockin his fresh Formula jersey, as of Saturday. We will be bringing you updates to this story, including more on the “new” Formula, as info comes in to the BMX News Global Command Center.

A big BMX News congratulations to Kevin and Formula for putting things together!