Cruiser Action Starts-Off Worlds Racing

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2017 UCI BMX Worlds Cruiser

Tuesday was all-cruisers, all the time, as day one of racing began at the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill. As we noted in our Monday report, over 1000 competitors showed up with a big bike to compete for the 14 W1 plates available on the day.

Friend-of-News, Levi Huvard, was the first American on the track for this World Championship, and looked darn-good on his Daylight war wagon.

Aside from the serious note of the competition-at-hand, the common enemy to all riders, parents, spectators and staff, was the temperature and humidity. It was in the low 90s by the start of second round, with wet-sock-in-your-mouth breathing conditions. The international language of the day was a waving hand in front of the face. Everyone certainly knew what that meant.

The two-moto transfer changed the strategy a bit for some, who went into immediate “do or die” mode, versus playing it conservative and just keeping qualifying points.

A total of 28 riders in Tuesday’s program showed up DNS on the scoring sheets.

The 17-24 men semi had to be re-run, reportedly due to some riders racing in the wrong rack.

All the racing was full-out but, come main event time, it was a new level, entirely. We’ll let the video speak for itself (Main events start at 7:02:03), but Team USA sure made some big impressions, both on the race track, and with their humility during the award ceremony.

Here are the Team USA podium finishers in the cruiser classes
*Note, please accept our apology for the original posting of these finishes, and the many errors that list contained.

Dylan Wood – 13-14 Boys
Taylor Riedemann – 17-24 Men
Chad Street – 40-44 Men
Todd Parry – 50+ Men
Olivia Armstrong – 17-29 Women

Noah Miguel – 12 and Under Boys
Cameron Bramer – 15-16 Boys
Steven Lewis – 17-24 Men
Luke Segal – 40-44 Men
Adrian Sanders – 17-29 Women
Courtney Tomei – 30-39 Women

Jayce Bartley – 12 and Under Boys
Jesse Welch – 17-24 Men
Adam Treadwell – 35-39 Men
Shawn DiPrete – 45-49 Men
Jaycie Sinclair – 16-Under
Mikela Lixandru – 17-29 Women
Rachel Blackwell – 30-39 Women

USA BMX posted this cool medal chart
2017 UCI BMX Medals  - Day 1

2017 UCI BMX World Championships – Cruiser Racing


2017 UCI BMX World Championships – Results

2017 UCI BMX Worlds Cruiser