Preview: Mongoose Returns to BMX Racing

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Mongoose Returns to BMX Racing
It’s been a minute since we have heard the words “Mongoose” and “BMX Racing” uttered in the same sentence. Later this week, BMX News will join media from the MTB and general cycling press at Pacific Cycle headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin for the launch of the 2018 line of Mongoose bicycles.

Last week, a news story appeared in “The Journal Times,” a local newspaper in Madison, with a preview of the media event, set for June 9. The article featured a photo, similar to the one at the top of this article, with Mongoose Director of Product Development, Brian Baldis, holding the 2018 frame, dubbed the “Title.”

Following that article, it was “Olly olly oxen free” for various riders around the country who were test-riding the Title frame and reporting feedback to HQ. They came out of stealth mode, and social media posts started popping up with real-deal race builds featuring the Title frame. Feedback was good.

You probably know that Mongoose has a pretty heavy presence in big box retail. So, the comments on social opened the door to the predictable snark about buying one’s next race bike at Walmart or somesuch. As you’ll see below, this product line will be a cut-above big box. We saw some Bell cycling helmets in Walmart a while back, but also admire and respect the product they make for hardcore competition. Brands CAN sell both, and do, all the time.

News is naturally curious about all things BMX—especially when it involves the return of a storied brand to the BMX Racing fold. If you are not familiar with the history of Mongoose in BMX Racing, we’re including an awesome video at the bottom of this article.

As you’ll see, this first, new, step into the BMX Racing pond will be entry-level, race-ready completes—something that is desperately needed at the moment. No word, just yet, on whether Mongoose will go deeper, with sponsored riders and a team. From the sound of it, if that’s going to happen, it will be a 2019 program.

As an appetizer to our more comprehensive coverage from the event this Friday, News sent some initial questions to Brian, so you can be up to speed on some of the broad strokes of the Title product line, and their goals for it, before it breaks widely.

Here are the questions we sent Brian on the program, and the 2018 product

1). Is this the frame used on the complete bikes (the ones Donny Robinson is using in Napa for the BMX Racing League)?

The frame I’m holding in the photo is a production version for 2018 and is what we’ll use on the complete bikes. At this time, we’re only doing complete bikes, purposefully.

Our approach is to focus on complete bikes that afford everyone a path into a quality race bike. Good parts built on a great frame also allow for personal customization and upgrade choice as the rider evolves and advances through sizes or skill.

BMX Racing League riders and other tracks have adopted the 2017 Title series to outfit their programs. The parts and frame upgrades as well as an expanded size range for 2018 will give individuals and League programs even more goodness.

2). Any idea on available date?
2018 range will be available late August. You can get 2017 models today!

3). What sizes / finishes will be available?
2017 sizes are Junior, Expert, Pro and Pro 24. For 2018 we’ve expanded the range to Mini, Junior, Expert, Pro, ProXL, ProXXL and Pro 24.

And yes, we working on a Micro as a late 2018 intro due to track feedback, international markets and a nudge from dR, based on popularity in the League.

4). Any idea on the MSRP?
MSRP on the whole range of Title series is $250.

Like I said, we have to make a quality race bike affordable and accessible to reach both new riders and seasoned racers in need of a bike change.

This is also why we aren’t going for the frame only sale, because we have a complete for less than what most frames are going for.

5). How will this frame be sold (IBD, direct, omnichannel, etc).
The complete bikes are available through Amazon, international Mongoose distributors and Mongoose IBD retail partners.

Check out the “History of Mongoose” short film.

Keep an eye on BMX News for more on this story, later this week.

—Mike Carruth

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