Letter: Anyone Ever Double-Up on Titles?

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Reader letter: Double Titles
Has anyone (male or female) ever won the national Amateur and Cruiser title in the same year? If not has anyone won both titles but in different years?

—EG, Midwest

We love questions about statistics, so thanks for asking this one, EG. There are all-manner of answers to this one, looking down the years, with multiple sanctions and such. But for the purposes of today’s exercise, we’re going to keep it to the ABA titles, since they are the closest to the USA BMX titles of today and, thus, still attainable for some hotshoe with a grand goal for the Grands.

Won Amateur and Cruiser Titles in Same Year

1982 – Steve Veltman
1988 – Kenny May

1996 – Ashley Recklau
2004 – Alise Post
2007 – Dominique Daniels

Won Amateur and Cruiser Titles, Different Years

Wes Jones (1x Amateur, 1x Cruiser)

Ashley Recklau (3x Amateur, 3x Cruiser)
Cindy Davis (2x Amateur, 3x Cruiser)
Alise Post (2x Amateur, 2x Cruiser)
Kelsey Van Ogle (2x Amateur, 2x Cruiser)
Tyler Schaefer (2x Amateur, 1x Cruiser)

Pros Who Won Amateur and Cruiser Titles

Won AA Pro Title and Pro Cruiser in Same Year
2007 – Danny Caluag

Won AA Pro Title and Pro Cruiser in Different Years
Randy Stumpfhauser (1x AA Pro, 5x Pro Cruiser)
Danny Caluag (1x AA Pro, 3x Pro Cruiser)
Wade Bootes (1x AA Pro, 1x Pro Cruiser)

Some great names in this list: Hall Of Famers, current and future. Will we see another double-up champion in ths coming years? It was 37 years between Triple Crown winners in horse racing (1978-2015). We’re working on 29 years for the male titles, and 10 years exactly for the female titles. Keep your eyes on the prize, and see y’all in Tulsa!

Thanks again for sending in your letter, EG!

A big thanks, also, to Shannon Gillette and gOrk from USA BMX helping wrangle, slice and dice the data.

—Mike Carruth

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Reader letter: Double Titles