Maris Strombergs Strikes Supercross Deal

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Maris Strombergs Strikes Deal with Factory Supercross

So far this season, Maris Strombergs has been running a plain-wrap uniform and raw, stickerless aluminum frame. Speculation was running rampant over where, exactly, The Machine would set down his gear bag and two Olympic Gold Medals, and kick his feet up for the balance of 2017, and beyond. Some social media teaser photos last week helped prime the proverbial pump for the news that is breaking today: Maris will be riding a Supercross frame, as part of what we’re calling a “special forces” unit which also has Anthony Dean on board.

It’s a special unit, in that Anthony and Maris are not running the traditional factory SX jersey we see on guys like KJ Romero and other Factory Supercross hotshoes, but instead a “black ops” kind of kit that is co-branded with the apparel sponsor of the respective athlete (Troy Lee Designs for Dean, and Faith Wear for Strombergs).

Supercross BMX Commander-In-Chief, Bill Ryan insists that these guys are every-bit as on board with the program as the other members of the team, but it’s also clear that there is somewhat a new reality in the pro sponsorship game: making it work financially takes a group of sponsors, not just one sponsor writing one big check. We also see this in Alise Post’s GW/TLD/Promax arrangement.

But back to Maris: Here’s what Bill told News in a statement:

It’s official, Supercross BMX is proud to announce Maris Strombergs is joining the Supercross BMX Family.

Maris and Supercross have a relationship that goes back years, Supercross BMX founder / owner Bill Ryan said “We have known Maris for years and he has always been a great friend, I am glad to get him onto a Supercross in his pursuit of another USA BMX #1 Pro Title and World Championship.”

Maris said “I’m very excited to join Supercross BMX Family. I feel their carbon bikes fit my riding style. Not only does it look great but its strong and rides fast!”

With Maris joining Anthony Dean on the Supercross BMX team, there are now two Olympians putting their Supercross ENVY BLK’s on the podium for what we feel is the ultimate One-Two punch in the Mens Elite class.

Although Maris is an official part of the Supercross BMX team, Maris will carry on with his own personal co-sponsors of Rockstar Energy, Faith Racewear, Bell Helmets, Tangent, Ride 100% and Supercross Team Co-sponsors of Speedline Parts, ODI Grips and KMC Chains.

All’s well that ends well. Maris has a brand new bag, and Bill adds another megawatt star to the Supercross BMX family. Congrats to all involved.


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