Jason Carnes Berm Academy Edit

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Jason Carnes Berm Academy Edit

Some of the best memories BMXers have of their time in the sport are not at the track. They are made on the road trips we take, the places we stop along the way, and the people we meet.

The race is the headline event, for sure, but we guarantee that you’ll remember meeting Fred Gwynne (aka Herman Munster), or seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, or even a flat tire at 2AM on your way back from the Grands as much, or more, than how you did at the race.

Earlier this year, former Redline Team Manager, Jason Carnes has been giving BMXers the best tour experience in the world via his “Berm Academy” program. All in a custom motor coach, with one of the most factory of pit areas at the races.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, it should, because it is.

Berm Academy is out with a new edit, produced by friend-of-News, Brett Rohlfing, showing some of the “life on the road” moments, with words from the man-himself on how the tour experience he creates will be one of those life-long memories you’ll talk about for years to come.

Check it!

The Berm Academy website (link below) has quite a few pre-set tours but, just-today, Carnesie is rolling out a new way to roll with him: a “build your own” tour option, where you can pick the start and end dates, and meet-up with the ongoing tour, already in progress, for an incredibly-reasonable $100 per day, which includes road transportation and the kind of personally-cooked meals you got a glimpse of in the video (um…we’ll take cheese on ours, JC!).

So, get about it, and hit the road with Berm Academy this Summer.


Jason Carnes Berm Academy Website

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