Dr. JRich “World Champion Mindset” Course

May 15, 2017 by  

BMX World Champion Mindset Course

Train your brain to win the main this July in Rock Hill with the “World Champion Mindset” course by Dr. Jason Richardson. A multi-time UCI World Champion, himself, JRich uses all the techniques and insider tricks he uses for his high-dollar athlete and corporate clients, and brings them into a convenient 24-page PDF, with accompanying audio track.

Here’s what he told us about the program:

Literally a step by step process to level up your game for the big race! I wanted to create a simple way for BMX racers to make a race plan and focus in on execution of that plan.

These are the concepts and practices I have used personally as a rider and with my top clients.

Cool to see such a specialized programs out there. Check the link below for ordering info and to learn more.


Dr. Jason Richardson “World Champion Mindset” Course